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Who we are

Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2004, with offices in Boston, London, and Munich, Roomex has grown into a global business with customers including Musgrave, Dairygold, Dornan Engineering, and Mitsubishi.

Supported by travel experts, Roomex is the leading travel management platform for the mobile workforce who carry out project-based travel. Roomex helps customers book, manage, pay and analyse all travel accommodation and expenses in one place - saving both time and money.

We understand the unique needs of mobile workforces.

  • We source Exclusive Roomex Rates at reliable, safe, and price-sensitive 2-3 star properties.

  • Our team is made up of travel industry experts with decades of experience. They work with customers to secure the best prices while ensuring safe, seamless trips - even if they require late arrival or secure parking. 

  • Our Platform offers best in class Analytics so customers can make cost-saving decisions backed by data. Our expense management solution, RoomexPay offers various options to safely pay for in trip expenses, no matter your needs.  

  • Our North Star is our customers, and we centre our product roadmap on their feedback. We hope to make the workforce travel experience better for the finance team, the booker and most importantly the traveller.

Key Roomex Milestones

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We believe that culture is the product of strong values. 

At Roomex, we don't just write our values on the wall. We integrate them into our teams, leadership, product, sales, and hiring process:

  • Customer-Centric | We put our customers first.

  • Collaborative | We collaborate by listening and evolving together 

  • Passionate & Inquisitive | We are passionate about our business and we drive efficiency 

  • Innovative & Constantly Learning | We believe in continuous learning and innovation 


Roomex News

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