Ascot Hyde Park Hotel London 11 Craven Road, London W2 3bp, United Kingdom, London

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Our Customer stayed here in November 2007

Although the Ascot is in a good location and has a reasonable price for London, it is quite dark and in a relative state of disrepair. Our shower didn't work properly, we couldn't flush the toilet more than once every hour, and I didn't want to touch the shower curtain for fear of what was growing on it. It is a non-smoking hotel, however, one morning my companion and I were shocked to open the door into the hallway (to see what the noise was) and found the entire cleaning staff having a loud conversation while chainsmoking outside our door. The breakfast provided is decent enough, but the serving staff was incredibly rude. Don't get me wrong - I think North Americans expect more from a hotel than Britain has to offer at an affordable price, and the Ascot is no worse than some other places I've stayed in England. If you don't spend much time in your room, are on a budget and have a bit of a sense of humour, this place will do, but I wouldn't put it at the top of my list.

Rating: 2/5
2 out of 5