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Refundable, flexible, safe travel

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Cost and time savings


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The team at Roomex has reviewed and reshaped our platform and service to be ready to help you safely get back on the road and drive your business forward

Refundable, flexible travel 
Every hotel within our platform has refundable rates and, on your request, we can ensure they always appear top of the search results for you and your colleagues.

2. Increased payment periods and new expense management solution
We’ve extended credit payment periods to 21 days to reduce pressure on you as you start travelling again. RoomexPay, our new prepaid expense card gives full visibility and control of all in-trip spend while ensuring employees never pay out of pocket and stay safe by using contactless payment

3. Peace of mind when you know the hotel before travelling
Hotels have introduced new meal options, cleanliness measures and service updates. Our team will confirm check-in's on your behalf and recommend safety measures. Our Duty of Care feature has been updated to give you more information on past, current and future trips. 

4. Cost and time savings
We've negotiated even greater, more relevant discounts for you such as budget apartments and suites and over 200 exclusive Roomex Rates across the U.K. and Ireland. We'll also promise time savings through Roomex Analytics and travel policy creation assistance. 

5. Dedicated travel expert to recommend and assist you in this transition 
We will help manage every aspect of your trip, including sourcing, negotiating, facilitating group bookings that best suit your needs. Our team is available on live chat to answer any questions about new hygiene policies from hotels and are available for free travel policy consultations


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