2019 - Our Year In Review At Roomex


2019 was a year of huge change here at Roomex, the free, B2B, self-service hotel management platform - with lots of improvements to the platform. 2020 has already brought new negotiated fixed rates to Roomex with hotel brands like Holiday Inn, GLH and The Nadler Hotel - offering the best exclusive rates on the market.


A look back at the highlights from 2019 🎉

We grew the Roomex family by 100% in 2019, launched in Germany and had thousands of bookings in over 100 countries worldwide. But that's not all...

  • We had a full makeover | Our brand had a refresh and we redesigned our new and improved platform 
  • Expanded our partnership with Booking.com | We’ve added more than 315,000 new properties to the platform in the UK and in Europe 
  • Launched the Compliance Centre | As the first release of our newest feature, Roomex Analytics, the Compliance Centre provides a detailed report on travel policies. Quickly and easily learn why and how many bookings were made out of policy, what hotels are saving you the most money, and forecast where you can cut costs.
  • Filter across every hotel in the world | We’ve added the most advanced hotel filtering in the industry to your platform so searches can be filtered by parking, restaurants on-site, WiFi, 24-hour reception, and more. 
  • Sprechen Sie Deutsch? | The platform and website are now completely in German! 
  • Exclusive Roomex Rates | We’ve negotiated even more discounts on hotels across the world. These rates are the best available in the market and provide unequaled discounts. 

We’re constantly enhancing our workforce travel platform to make it easier and faster to find and book the best rates at the right hotel. 

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