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As we reflect on a challenging year, we're feeling exceptionally grateful for our loyal customers that have placed their trust in us amid all of the uncertainty. We've had to change almost everything about our lives to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our communities. At Roomex, we too have changed our product, services, and goals to best accommodate our loyal customers through these challenging times. Here's what we were up to this year:

COVID-19 rewrote our product roadmap. Here's how we improved the Roomex Platform to better support our customers.

Product updates 2020

  1. RoomexPay, our prepaid expense card launched in response to restrictions on food & beverage availability within hotels. Our goal was to offer key workers a safe payment option while providing full control and visibility for teams working remotely.
  2. Roomex Analytics got a full makeover this year to provide customers with a 360 degree view into their complete workforce travel spend (including that spend with RoomexPay.) Our best in class Analytics breaks down spend by cost code, policy, city, hotel, booker, traveler and more so it's easier to make cost saving decisions that are backed by data.
  3. The RoomexStay Mobile app was released in response to our data showing more customers booking from their phones as they moved away from offices to home. 
  4. One of the releases that we are most proud of was RoomexClean, which informs customers of individual hotel safety measures at a glance, so they can book with confidence. Customers can click on the 'Hygiene' icon and see a detailed report on what measures the hotel has implemented to ensure both guest and employee safety, that our team has personally confirmed.
  5. We updated our live Duty of care map so it's easier to look up historical and future reservations making it easier to contact employees should they be travelling in a COVID-19 Hotspot. 
  6. This summer, Roomex also integrated with Trainline, Europe's leading train and bus booking app to provide customers with a centralised view of all in-trip spend.
  7. Filters were upgraded as well this year so customers can filter by type of parking (free, oversized, secure) and apartments as preferences change. 

Saving more money for our customers has always been a key focus for our team. In 2020, more than any other year we worked to negotiate the best rates for all of our customers.

Supply new 2020 updates

  1. We've secured and delivered competitive discounts though our Roomex Rates and SaverPlus Programmes in 2020 to offer savings to every customer when they need it. 
  2. RoomexClean gives travelers and bookers peace of mind and ensures safe and clean accommodation. Our team personally reached out to hundreds of properties and discussed their cleaning protocols so our customers feel safe while travelling during these uncertain times. 
  3. Right at the start of the pandemic, we focused on negotiating 450 special Key Worker Rates with our hotel partners for front line workers keeping our country running. )
  4. Since March, securing more apartments has been a huge focus. Their relevance during the very tight restrictions of the first lockdown became apparent very quickly with travelers wanting to minimize proximity to other people and be in control of their environment. We've secured 2,500 new apartments and aparthotels since then, and will continue to negotiate in the coming year. 

However, our most important accomplishment of 2020 was the work done with care and compassion by our Priority and Account Management teams to assist our customers.

priority stats

  1. Our Account Management team made it a priority to check in with every company at the beginning of the outbreak clocking in over 500 hours in meetings with customers. They continue to meet (virtually of course) customers regularly, highlighting ways to reduce spend and offer advice as they begin travelling again. 
  2. With restaurant closures a commonality in 2020, our team offered customers three ways that companies could cover meal costs and facilitated their virtual and immediate roll out, in the form of 30,000 RoomexPay cards, vouchers, and in stay allowances.
  3. The pandemic didn't stop Key Workers from needing to travel and be on sites long term, so our team spent over 175 hours sourcing safe and clean long term accommodation for them. 
  4.  The team at Roomex personally confirmed over 13,000 bookings prior to customers arriving at the properties to ensure the accommodation was still open and safe. 

With that, we look forward to working with you again in 2021! Happy New Year from the entire Roomex Team! 

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Hannah Harrington
Post by Hannah Harrington
December 16, 2020
Hannah focuses on all things product and content marketing for Roomex. When she's not writing, find this Dublin transplant uncovering all that Ireland has to offer.

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