3 Ways to Get Ahead of Business Travel Fatigue Even After Extended On-Site Projects

3 Ways to Get Ahead of Business Travel Fatigue Even After Extended On-Site Projects

This common mental and physical drain can lead to a drop in productivity and a wandering mind. In industries like construction, for example, anything but total concentration on the job can make even the simplest tasks unsafe.

A CWT study revealed that, “traveller-focused policies which take into account the impact of trip-related stress, could help companies improve traveller wellbeing while also improving corporate productivity by up to 32%.” This shows that when the traveller is cared for, they’re more likely to perform better, be happier and boost the company’s output by up to one-third.

Figuring out how to beat travel blues is helpful for everyone in the company, from the employees on the field to travel bookers who are booking business travel. We did the legwork on the research so that you can focus on keeping the right mindset while you’re on the road.

1. Don’t overlook the benefit of a great hotel room

When you’re on extended work travel, it can feel like you’re always on the job if you’re in the wrong conditions. Adding a two-hour commute to a two-star hotel with a one-star bed can agitate people with even the strongest mental constitution.

Getting rid of the long drive – which unnecessarily extends your workday – and tossing in a comfortable night’s sleep is key but it can be tough to sell the idea to your boss. It has long been known that poor sleeping habits lead to poor concentration levels and waning focus but companies are only now getting to see the price of their tabs for those side-effects. Sleep deprivation and the drop in productivity that comes with it costs UK employers roughly £40 billion, according to RAND Europe. It’s a figure that’s only set to rise in the future, potentially reaching £47 billion over the next decade.

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Businesses that use a business hotel booking platform for extended work travel will find it much easier to locate accommodation within their travel and expense policy that is both high quality and close to the job site. While this ensures that people on extended work travel have every advantage afforded to them in beating the blues, it also can save the business up to 21 percent on average for hotel bookings. Talk about a win-win situation.

2. Make time for yourself while on work travel

When you’re in the thick of the busy season, you can be dissuaded from taking time off but your mental health is just as important as profits – and as we mentioned above, the two aren’t exclusive. When your work is leaving you with persistent negative thoughts, it’s time to try to understand what a solution looks like.

For many, that could be simply using up the holidays you have a right to take. In some cases, it could be taking training and development courses that will help you improve your skills and reach the goals you’ve set out for yourself. Regardless, make sure that you’re always putting mental health – and the activities that improve it – first and foremost.

3. Take a stand for your physical wellness

Andrew Rundle, Associate Professor in Epistemology, found, “a strong correlation between the frequency of business travel and a wide range of physical and behavioural health risks.”

So what can you do to help yourself? A great place to start is to ensure healthy meals and workout opportunities are available during your work travel. Collaborate with your travel manager to figure out how this looks; could the company book more business hotels with gyms or include expenses for healthy meals? An unhealthy lifestyle can increase stress and reduce overall wellbeing.

Health and wellness programs don’t have to be limited to headquarters. Weaving them in with travel programs can extend their benefits – and once you point that out to your travel manager, it’s not a difficult change to make.


Working away from home for an extended period of time is a physical and emotional strain on everyone when the wrong circumstances are present. The solutions to lack of sleep, being overworked or overlooking your wellbeing are all there – you just need to collaborate with your travel manager to make them come to life. Request a demo to learn how Roomex can be a part of the solution.

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