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5 Ways Optimise Corporate Hotel Bookings

Organising a corporate hotel booking is very different from making a personal one - or at least it should be.

For starters, hotels often have a reduced corporate rate for business travellers. On top of this, personal bookings can require prepayment, a deposit or payment at check out. This is fine for personal travel plans, but spells disaster for corporate hotel bookings. This kind of system will see a company’s accounts manager driven up the walls at the end of every month trying to source receipts and figure out who needs to be reimbursed.

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When making corporate hotel bookings, it is also important to have oversight. Whether you want to see how much your business spends on hotels or simply want to be able to check what part of the country your team members are in at any given moment, this isn’t possible through personal bookings. Corporate hotel bookings have different requirements, such as, if the hotel offer group bookings, in stay allowances, breakfast, WiFi, and parking. 

But it's easy to understand how some businesses can end up not availing of corporate hotel bookings and booking as if it's personal  travel. It's difficult to manage- and difficult to learn about the options out there for corporate hotel bookings.

Booking business travel from the mindset of personal travel is disorganised, haphazard, and costly to your bottom line. Then add the layer of giving your employees the flexibility to book their own hotel room. 

However, one easy-to-use tool makes it so effortless to take advantage of corporate hotel bookings, you’ll never look back. Here are five ways Roomex’s workforce travel tool can save your business time and money:

1. Search corporate rates for the best value stay

Comparing websites and hotels to find the best value for your requirements can be overwhelming. But, through bed banks and specially negotiated rates, Roomex has access to prices that can’t be found elsewhere. With 1.2 million hotels to choose from, this guarantees the best corporate rates and saves our clients up to 21%. If you’ve already negotiated some special rates with certain hotels, this can be added to your account too.

2. Make corporate hotel bookings quickly

Once you’ve found the perfect hotel, you can book it with the click of a mouse. There’s no messing around with credit cards and no need to request prepayment. You don’t even need to pick up the phone and confirm your booking, because Roomex does that for you too.

The hotel will know it’s catering for guests on business, rather than tourists, and Roomex will make sure the hotel is ready when they arrive. Because Roomex bills on account, checking in will never be a hassle - very important for workers finishing overtime late at night when the person who made the booking has gone home for the night.

For businesses who want to give their employees the freedom to choose their own hotel, they can also be given access to the platform to make corporate hotel bookings within the company’s budget requirements.

3. Travel management with Roomex reduces unnecessary admin

Roomex provides oversight that just isn’t possible through personal bookings. Instead of keeping a list of where the members of your team are at any given time, you can just log into Roomex and use the map view to see who is where on any given night. It also abolishes the need to collect hotel receipts and invoices, as they are already in the platform.

4. Payments are efficiently streamlined

Roomex consolidates all your hotel booking expenses into one monthly invoice. Gone are the days of reconciling multiple payments with company credit cards, expenses and hotel invoices. There’ll be no more chasing staff for hotel receipts at the end of the month and no need for reimbursements.

5. Reduce business travel expenditure with Roomex reporting

After using Roomex for a couple of months, you’ll be able to identify trends and cost-saving opportunities through the data collected. You can view your total spend or delve further to see the average cost per night. Within the single monthly invoice, all of your company’s internal cost codes can be itemized to enable fast and easy cost allocation to projects or workflows.

Business travellers have different needs to tourists, but those organising a company’s accommodation won’t always have the bandwidth to negotiate the best corporate hotel rate or, even, to confirm every booking. But Roomex will. Get in touch with one of our experts today and find out how to reduce the money and time your business spends making corporate hotel bookings.

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