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Corporate hotel bookings in under 1 minute

Time is the most precious commodity for office managers which is why Roomex built our hotel booking platform to be as time efficient as possible.

Once you get in contact, we’ll set up your account in one working day and then you’ll be free to search and book hotels all over the world. The best part about this is that once your setup is complete, future bookings will take less than a minute.

By this point, we’ll have all the payment and invoicing details we need – so all that’s left for you is to sign into your personalised Roomex portal and off you go.

Roomex clients benefit from time savings every step of the way: from our Google Maps aided accommodation search to our flexible billing and reconciliation setup (which can be customised with the PO’s, projects, cost codes and divisions that suit you best.)

You can also restrict searches to breakfast inclusive rooms, and you can sort by price, star rating, distance from location, customer rating and hotel name. All this can be done in seconds.

The whole process is designed with busy office managers in mind. We understand that your time is better spent on other business; so we spend our time on saving yours.

Roomex wouldn’t work if we weren’t able to provide such a quick service to our repeat customers. It’s one of the factors that sets Roomex apart and keeps our clients coming back. What’s convenient for you is good business for us.

Machine learning efficiency
Our portal learns from your previous searches and intuitively builds your profile as you use the platform. It stores your contact information and the names of the people you make bookings for, as well as remembering the hotels you book, making the process increasingly efficient. We also store your bookings under “My Account” and allow you to quickly view, resend or cancel a booking. (With our mobile platform, these functions can also be easily carried out from your mobile phone.)

How we ensure quality service within the timeframe of a rapid transaction

Just because our customers can process their side of a Roomex transaction quickly, that doesn’t mean to say we’re operating against the clock.

Roomex’s hardest work is done before you buy. It’s in the vetting of accommodation to ensure suitability for our client; and in the custodianship of relevant account data to ensure quick service for repeat customers.

We live and breathe our clients’ requirements, and if you’re a Roomex customer, we’ll know about your unique requirements, too. For example if you have previously  negotiated rates for hotel chains, we can add these rates to your portal. We can also negotiate rates on your behalf.

All this is to say that when you place a Roomex order in under a minute, you’re really closing a deal that we’ve been working on for years.

Anywhere you go
Before you establish an ongoing relationship with a corporate travel management specialist like Roomex, you need to be sure your every need is catered for. What if you came back here expecting to book a last-minute trip, then found out we can’t offer accommodation in the right location?

We’ve got this covered. Roomex has corporate-rate contracts with over 650,000 hotels spread across the world’s most important business destinations (as well as thousands of places with a lower volume of visitors), which means that wherever you’re going, it’s highly likely we can facilitate your trip. From London to New York, Reykjavik to Dar-es-salaam, our readiness spans the business world.

Other time savings
The time savings don’t end there. We’re all aware of the difficulty in gathering invoices, receipts at the end of the month to reconcile your balance sheets. It’s often a nightmare chasing down these missing docs. But at Roomex, payments don’t have to be reconciled from company credit cards / expenses / hotel invoices – you only ever have one Roomex bill at the end of the month, already broken down by cost code and departmental code. Your accounting and reconciling almost takes care of itself.

Exemplary support
Everyone says they provide great customer support, so instead of boring you with that same old statement, we’re going to tell you some of the ways our support staff can help you out:

  • Advice on hotels. Our staff have years of experience accommodating corporate travellers, and every day we learn a little more. If you need advice on facilities, locations, connections or quite simply on which hotel to book, we’re here to help.
  • Group bookings. While getting an individual hotel booking wrong is a nuisance, making mistakes in a group booking can cause a whole other level of disruption. We can provide all the guidance you need to eliminate the risk and maximise your peace of mind.
  • Special requirements. Every business trip is different so Roomex empowers bookers to find the most suitable accommodation every time.

These points give just a taster of how our support staff can help you make efficient choices during booking. When you work with us, not only are you arranging a business hotel stay; you’re buying business travel made easier from the moment you book till the end of the trip.

You’re just a few clicks away from setting up a Roomex account and enabling rapid business travel booking now and into the future.

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