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Corporate Lodging: Why it's so Difficult to Manage

Being in charge of corporate lodging is hard. Whether you make travel arrangements for your boss, your department or the whole company, it can be difficult to get a handle on. Check out some of the challenges it poses and why this is changing in an increasingly digital world.

The challenges of organising business trips

When arranging corporate lodging, the number of hotel options you are faced with can be overwhelming. It’s easy to lose hours of the work day trying to find a great value room, which your boss or your colleagues will also enjoy staying in. There’s always the fear that you’ll accidentally send someone to a noisy, party-hotel the night before their big client meeting or a high risk site.

Balancing budget restrictions, location, and facilities like group bookings, WiFi, parking can be difficult when you have a million other things to be doing. Then, once you’ve picked what appears to be appropriate accommodation, you have a choice - get on the phone now and attempt to organise prepayment for the room or wait until the end of the month to collect all the relevant receipts so costs can be reimbursed and accounts reconciled, ensuring you avoid the wrath of Davina in finance.

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How to manage corporate lodging efficiently

Luckily, anyone facing these challenges at work no longer has to struggle on. Now, there is a much easier way of organising corporate lodging. Use a hotel booking platform like Roomex to simplify and streamline the whole process.

Think of it as a personal assistant for personal assistants - or travel managers, accountants and anyone else in your company with a role in travel management. They can take advantage of Roomex’s handy features and great value corporate lodging rates.

The benefits of booking corporate lodging through Roomex

From great prices and smooth check ins, to oversight, and efficient invoicing, Roomex provides a wide range of perks for various people within any business. Whether you do the accounts for a retail chain or organise site visits for your construction company, check out some of the best features Roomex provides to businesses.

Roomex for executive assistants and travel managers:

  • Book a room on behalf of another employee - in their name
  • Choose from a selection of 1.2 million hotels
  • Take advantage of specially negotiated corporate lodging rates
  • Set search parameters and you’re ensured to tick all the boxes for a great price
  • Set parameters to ensure you stay within the budget for corporate lodgings
  • Automatically keep track of employees’ location without any admin work
  • Roomex provides a map view of where every travelling employee is on any given night
  • Roomex will confirm your booking and ensure the hotel is ready for guests
  • Roomex bills on account so there is never an issue at check in
  • Save favourite hotels for faster booking

Roomex for finance directors:

  • A single monthly invoice makes it easy to reconcile corporate lodging expenses
  • No chasing colleagues for receipts
  • Save up to 21% on hotels
  • Set automatic booking caps to keep spend within budget
  • Use reports for oversight on spending and to identify potential savings

Roomex for business travelers:

  • Less paperwork and no hassle at check in
  • No need to file for hotel expenses
  • Employers can opt to let employees book their own accommodation

If you still find it difficult to manage corporate hotel bookings and expenses, make your life easier and try Roomex. It is free to use, with no set-up costs or ongoing fees. Once your business is registered, you and your colleagues can use Roomex for all your company’s hotel booking, management, and payment needs.

Search, book, manage, and pay for all your business hotel bookings in one place. For free.