Dalata Hotel Group plc release new Keep Safe Programme

As countries, cities, and states begin to open up and governments ease restrictions, travel will begin to pick up but it may look different to before. Hotel chains large and small are stepping up to create a safer environment for those traveling during and after the pandemic. Most have gone above and beyond to give travellers peace of mind. 

We spoke to Sarah Conway, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager for Dalata Hotel Group plc about the measures that they have put in place. Dalata Hotel Group is the largest hotel operator in Ireland, with a growing presence in the United Kingdom. The Group manages the Clayton Hotels, Maldron Hotels and Partner brands. The Group's portfolio now consists of 30 owned hotels, 11 leased hotels and three management contracts with a total of 9,208 bedrooms. In addition to this, Dalata is currently developing 11 new hotels. This will bring the total number of bedrooms in Dalata to over 12,000.

Hygiene and preventing the spread of COVID-19 have become so important. How are you ensuring both staff and guest safety?

Over the past few months, we have developed the Dalata Keep Safe Programme, which has involved the introduction of a wide range of protocols and systems that will ensure as much as possible our guests will have an enjoyable and safe visit to all our hotels. We have been testing these protocols and systems in our hotels with great success.

There are numerous initiatives we are undertaking to ensure as much as possible the safety and health of all our guests, employees and suppliers. Like for example, providing plenty of hand sanitizers around each hotel, providing nose and mouth masks to employees and clearly marking public areas to ensure social distancing. Above all, we want our guests, whether they are on business or leisure to have a relaxed enjoyable stay with us.

How are Dalata ensuring safe and clean rooms for guests?

Cleaning is extremely important, but it is not enough. We have introduced thorough systems of sanitisation to ensure, as much as possible, that these areas are safe. Our guests will then have the option of using the lift or staircase to access their bedroom. Strict protocols on lift usage will be displayed on each floor. As guests arrive at their bedroom door, it will have a seal that will break on entering. After each room is cleaned thoroughly and key touchpoints are sanitised, we will fog the room with a special device that deals very effectively with viruses and other air and surface contaminants. This device is used in “Clean Room Technology” throughout the pharmaceutical sector and in some hospitals. Guests will know their room has been treated by the unbroken seal on your door. 

The contents of guestrooms have also been reviewed to remove non-essential, tactile items, such as pen, paper and bed cushions.

Has your check-in process changed to avoid contact?

Before our guests arrive at our hotels, they will have the option of checking in online, so all they have to do is collect their bedroom key from our screened reception desk. Of course, they will have the option of checking in the usual way, should they choose to do so. Online check-out will also be an option. Guests will walk through our spacious public areas that will be thoroughly cleaned continuously throughout each day.

We will also be introducing new state-of-the art technology and additional contactless payment options to make the whole experience seamless.

Have your staff undergone training?

Yes, staff throughout each hotel will complete a dedicated training programme to ensure full implementation of each new measure and will follow the public health official advice and guidelines at all times. 

What is the business doing to stay up to date with updated recommendations from the government and the World Health Organization? 

All of our new health and safety protocols will be accredited by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing inspection and certification in the Health and Safety area. So, we are doing everything possible to protect the Health and Safety of all our guests, employees, and suppliers.

(“Bureau Veritas is a company specialized in testing, inspection, and certification, founded in 1828. It is headquartered in Paris and is present in 140 countries through a network of over 1,500 offices and laboratories, and more than 78,000 employees.” https://group.bureauveritas.com)

Will you still be offering food? 

We will have a range of food and beverage options with in-room and main restaurant dining options available. This will include restaurants with table service for all meals (no self-service queuing). Again, there will be protocols in place that will be explained by our team in our public areas. The protocols that apply to guests will equally apply to all our employees both front and back of house. Our employee safety and health is as important as our guest safety.

Learn more about Dalata Hotel Group plc and what they are doing to ensure guest safety here. 

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