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Why You Should Care About Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is no longer a 'pie in the sky' concept that the big tech company's preach. It's a fact that most employees are over stressed and overworked. And, it's a fact that the workplaces with higher stress placed on employees are workplaces with less productive employees. 

To learn more about this topic, we conducted a survey - asking hundreds of personal assistants about their daily work life and in particular their current stress levels. We wanted to measure exactly how stressed out they are because of their job -and compare it with the top causes workplace stress.

The majority of PA's blame stress on heavy workloads and administrative issues

According to findings from two Australian researchers, there are 9 major causes of workplace stress (to read more about these stressors, check out this guide.) And according to our findings, PA's also face these stressors - at a higher level. 

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It's clear that PA's struggle to keep up with lofty demands at work - and it's clear they are facing high levels of stress. But the question remains, how does stress impact the businesses bottom line? 

When employees are stressed at work - it's more difficult to get ahead, to feel confident, and to perform at top levels. Why? Well, stress has heavy impacts on the body long term. 73% of respondents reported that they felt unappreciated at work. If someone is feeling stressed, it often correlates with their happiness and feeling of appreciation - creating long lasting health effects. 

To see how stress impacts the body - check out the complete guide to employee wellness. 

Read on to continue the conversation around employee wellness. In our short guide, you'll learn:

  1. How technology both helped and hindered stress in the workplace
  2. The reasoning behind the fact that a stressed workforce means a less productive one 
  3. What causes stress at work, and the solution to some of these major stressors
  4. What is a wellness programme, some examples of successful ones, and ideas for implementing one 

How The Wellness of Executive Assistants Impacts The Bottom Line

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