Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of employees as they begin travelling again

No matter what industry you’re working in, where you’re living or where you’re going, you have one main concern. Safety. The Coronavirus pandemic has permeated into nearly every aspect of our lives over the last few months, and will likely for the year to come.

As many parts of society slowly open up, travel will be required, be it by plane, train, or car. If you’re a travel manager, a procurement director, or anyone that looks after travel - suddenly you require more control and take further responsibility for everyone’s safety. 

Whether you call it Duty of Care, Safety and Wellbeing, or Employee Care - here at Roomex we want you to know we’re here to support you and your teams as they hit the road. 

Employee safety and wellbeing has always been at the heart of business travel. COVID-19 has increased the need for a detailed and well-thought duty of care to employees. One aspect of this is knowing where all employees have travelled in the past, and exactly where they are should something happen.

Some companies book workforce travel with multiple bookers through various leisure sites, making it difficult to maintain a procedure to keep track of all past, present and future trips. It’s recommended to use a centralised system to book workforce and business travel, especially for the duty of care aspect, so its fast and easy to look up reservations and locations. 

We’ve updated our live Duty of Care map so it’s easier to keep track of where employees have been, their contact details, and where they are booked in next should an outbreak arise.

The second a booking is made in Roomex, it’s immediately viewable in Roomex Analytics where reservations go directly into our live Duty of Care map. Here, users are able to view all trips, past, present and future and get in touch with any employee.

june duty of care

Our account management and support teams are trained on the best practices for travelling during these uncertain times - and are ready and willing to assist you. 

We will help manage every aspect of your trip, including sourcing, negotiating, facilitating group bookings that best suit your needs. Our team is available on live chat to answer any questions about new hygiene policies from hotels and are available for free travel policy consultations. Most importantly, they will call and confirm check-ins on your behalf and recommend safety measures and any updates to meal services. 

Speaking of meal options - are hotels still serving food?

Yes and no. Most hotels have amended their usual dining services to grab and go boxes or room service with disposable packaging. To learn more about what individual chains are doing to keep up food services and to maintain cleaning safety standards, check out this article. 

Finally - look out for our safety icon in your Roomex platform that confirms the hotel has gone above and beyond the cleaning standards recommended by the WHO.


We update these tags weekly and talk directly with the hotel providers to ensure reliable information. 

Reach out to your account manager for direct queries regarding upcoming stays in any hotel booked through Roomex.