How finance teams will get control over all travel expenses from parking to meals as companies resume business travel

Travel's starting to pick up again - but the same issues for finance teams remain - gaining visibility and control over the complete spend. 

As we complete our fourth month of lockdown - we've begun to adjust to our new 'normal.' Every team at most companies shifted their focus seemingly overnight, but those in finance in particular have risen to the occasion. You've rewritten budgets and maintained effective internal controls to stabilize your company, all while learning how to work with your team remotely. Now, as travel resumes, many are taking a tabula rasa or blank slate approach to managing travel. 

The majority of CFO’s and finance teams don’t place controls around business travel- yet it can account for up to 10% of their total operating expenditure.

We're all looking to run leaner businesses during and post pandemic, while looking after our staff in the best way possible. Here at Roomex, we've been listening to your concerns as you get back on the road through recent surveys and conversations with customers. Many worries from the travel perspective were around cost, safety and hygiene in hotels and while travelling. From the finance perspective its all about gaining visibility and control over all spend - so you can make cost saving decisions that are backed by data. 

As your team begins to travel again, let's look into how they can stay safe while making payments, while you gain visibility and control over spend. 

When people are travelling for work amid the pandemic, it's all about getting from Point A to Point B safely, and that often includes the need to pay for petrol, parking, food, or airport transfers. We introduced RoomexPay as a safe way to pay and manage these expenses

RoomexPay suite (1)
With RoomexPay, your employees on the road each have a card and virtual card on their mobile phones with a set amount in their 'wallets' to spend according to their needs. This amount is controlled by the finance or procurement team back at the office. Those travelling don’t need to access the main account and don’t have to involve your finance department in the process.

img_laptop_dashboardOur goal with this product is to create a seamless user experience for both the back office and the traveller - and we promise to roll out everything to your team remotely and easily, without any complicated procedures. 


Using RoomexPay to pay for meals 

As some restaurants have had to close the kitchens or reduce operations to take away only, many workforce travellers have found difficulties finding a safe place to eat. 

RoomexPay cards not only work in all hotels, but can be used with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat as well as in physical restaurants. The cards ensure you never leave your employees out of pocket and give them peace of mind by not using cash and paying without contact.

Safely pay for parking, petrol, and airport transfers with RoomexPay

The majority of companies don't project or account for the correct amount spent on business travel. Things like parking and airport transfers typically add to this grey area. RoomexPay keeps track of all in trip expenses for the back office, and keeps travellers safe with contactless payment and never leaves them
out of pocket. Users simply tap at the pump or parking console to complete payment, and can later select a category and snap a picture of the receipt. 

Get in touch with one of our travel experts to learn more about RoomexPay here and ways it will give you control and visibility of all travel expenses