In-Trip Expense Card and App Fast-Tracked to Provide Support for Key Workers

Over the last few years, Roomex has moved to become a prominent player in the workforce travel management space. We’ve been fortunate enough to be constantly growing and learning from our customers, and in turn, developing our product to the specific needs of workforce travellers. 

In recent weeks we have watched the world as we knew it change, due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our business has changed as well, just like many of our customers. 

During these times of uncertainty for all - we again turned to our ‘North Star’ to guide us
-our customers - the workforce traveller.

Travel has slowed to prevent the spread of this virus. Following this halt - the deck has been reshuffled, as to what we ‘need’ as a society. In essence, to survive this virus, we need food, energy, journalists, and of course medical professionals. These Key Workers are keeping the country and the economy moving.

As the virus has redefined what it means to be a hero, we’re redefining Roomex and it’s offerings so we can support our heroes. 

Last week - with the support of our hotel partners - we launched a Key Worker Support Package that offers a customised hotel programme tailored by a dedicated account manager, special discounted hotel rates, and we’ve built a new in-trip expense card (RoomexPay) that we are offering to our customers free of charge for the duration of this crisis.  

Well...What is RoomexPay?

It’s the smart, end to end workforce spend management solution. The prepaid card eliminates expense management and gives you full visibility and control of all in-trip spend. 

As Key Workers are moving fast to keep up with demand - expenses are the last thing they should be worried about. It's important that they don't pay out of pocket - and that the payment experience is seamless. RoomexPay can be rolled out to Key Workers remotely, and we're offering it free of charge.

RoomexPay suite

Simplify payment and expenses for Key Workers 

Securely and simply pay with the RoomexPay card or app and take a picture of the receipt to instantly claim the expense so they never have to sift through receipts at the end of a trip.

Never leave Key Workers out of pocket

With instant notifications to the main office, they have the ability to request top-ups while on the road or cancel or freeze a card should a problem arise.

Quickly get up and running remotely

Gain visibility and take control of all spend when each card has customisable limits and can be monitored and reported on in real-time with our analytics.

Manage and view all expenses in one place, in real-time

No paperwork, false claims, or manual errors when you control the entire expense process and reduce risk by eliminating the possibility of bogus claims and corporate card overspend.

We hope that we can be of benefit to all workforce travellers eventually, but right now - we realise the need is there for our valued Key Workers. 

If you’d like to learn more about RoomexPay - get in touch here, or reach out to your account manager.