RoomexClean informs users of hotel safety measures at a glance

Roomex customers will see a new icon in their accommodation results indicating that we have personally confirmed that the hotel they are booking meets or exceeds the cleaning standards as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Our customers will be able to click on the new icon and see a detailed report on what measures the hotel has implemented to ensure both guest and employee safety. 

Since the start of March, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and rewrote our product road map with one focus - customer safety. This pandemic has re-ranked what we value as important when travelling for work and your Roomex platform reflects that. 

As always, our customers are our ‘North Star’ guiding us on what to focus on creating and developing next. Our most recent update was a result of direct customer feedback. 

What’s on most of our customer’s minds as they consider returning to travel? 

Exactly ⅓ of all respondents to our recent survey agreed that their biggest concern was hotel cleanliness, followed by 20% stating that hotel facilities were their biggest worry.  The majority of workforce travellers stated they have no concerns in travelling again, with 54% of people responding with an answer of 7 or above on a scale of 1-10. 

For those key workers that had been travelling throughout the pandemic, they shared their biggest concerns.  The most common concerns were fears over the rooms not being cleaned adequately, no use of restaurants, and general hotel availability being sparse. 

RoomexClean will give travellers and bookers peace of mind and ensure safe and clean accommodation 

We want to make you feel safe as you get back on the road. We understand your fears, hesitations, and concerns. Which is why we directly responded to your biggest concerns with RoomexClean. 

Login to your platform to check out RoomexClean

All properties on our platform are following the cleaning standards as recommended by the WHO, and many have committed to going above and beyond these standards to ensure both guest and employee safety. Our new safety icon is displayed when we’ve talked individually with that chain to confirm their hygiene measures and their updated food and beverage offerings.


All users have to do is click on the icon 'Food & Hygiene' (pictured) and information on the hotel, their promised cleanliness measures, and what should be expected at check-in will be displayed. 

Here are some of the hotels that have already been added to RoomexClean (with new ones being added daily!) 

  • GLH Hotels
  • Premier Inn
  • Travelodge
  • Best Western
  • Atlas Hotels (Holiday Inn Express)
  • Dalata (Clayton Hotels, Maldron Hotels)
  • Leonardo Hotels (Jurys Inn)
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Marriot Hotels 
  • IFG Hotels
  • Lindner Hotels
  • Penta Hotels
  • Roomzzz Aparthotels
  • Staycity Aparthotels 
  • Accor
  • B&B Hotels
  • Club Quarters
  • Galway Bay Hotel 
  • Kew Green

What are these hotels doing to keep you safe? Well, here’s a summary: 

Hotels have stepped up to ensure both guest peace of mind and safety. Our participating hotels have committed to some or more of the below to increase safety:

  • Daily deep cleans in public, heavily trafficked areas
  • Sanitised key cards 
  • Adding protective mats and screens at reception
  • Meal services offered as room service or takeaway in disposable, single use containers
  • Leaving rooms empty between guests for 72 hours
  • Running training for all staff members to educate them on best safety practices
  • For long term stays - offering cleaning bundles to guest
  • Removing unnecessary room elements like bed scarves, menus, and note pads
  • Going completely cashless or contact free at check in 
  • In- room text services to minimise visits to reception and use of phone 

Interested in learning more about the RoomexClean feature? Get in touch with your account manager, or reach out to one of our travel experts today.