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Is your construction business ready for Brexit?

Although it’s been over three years since the Brexit vote, the total impact on the construction industry is still far from clear. June 2019 was the UK construction sector’s worst month in ten years, as both the private and public sectors take a ‘wait and see’ approach to building new infrastructure. 

British politics are at an impasse, and it’s unclear how and when the result of the referendum will be implemented - or which Prime Minister will be the one to do so.

A ‘soft’ Brexit would mean leaving the EU with a deal in place with the other 27 countries. A ‘hard’ Brexit would mean leaving without a deal, and is potentially likely to have a much greater impact on the UK’s economy.

With no clear end in sight, it’s crucial that businesses in the construction industry do some forward planning to Brexit-proof their businesses

Since we're up in the air until the 31st, it's important to be aware of all of the possible changes that Brexit will bring and how they will impact the U.K. construction industry - and different actions businesses can take to prepare. Interested in learning more- check out our most recent guide

In our most recent guide we cover the impact of the U.K.'s exit from the E.U., detailling:

  • The freedom of movement in the constriction industry
  • Why the Northern Ireland backstop impacts your business
  • The impact of a weak pound on the construction industry
  • Most importantly, steps that you can take to get Brexit ready from supply chain, to budgeting, and looking into investments in the construction industry. 

Get your construction business Brexit ready with your complete guide

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