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A million room-nights booked with Roomex

Another record month for the business-focused hotel booking platform...

Businesses have now booked more than one million hotel nights through Roomex, the global hotel booking platform. The company announced that it notched up
24,443 bookings in October 2017, up 2,458 on September, its previous best month.

“Companies have discovered that booking through our platform offers numerous advantages compared with booking through agencies and leisure-focused online services, or negotiating with hotels directly,” said Julian Kulkarni, Vice President of Marketing at Roomex. “As a result, not only is our client list growing but existing customers are also making more extensive use of Roomex as a single booking platform.”

A recent survey conducted by the Business Information Group on behalf of Roomex identified that 31 per cent of respondents regarded administrative efficiency as their primary objective in seeking a solution to their corporate hotel booking needs, followed by 22 per cent who cited cost savings as the top priority and 13 per cent time savings. “Roomex addresses all three of these issues and when companies standardise on Roomex as their preferred tool for managing hotel supply they experience the benefits to the maximum,” said Kulkarni.

Roomex has specialised in serving the corporate hotel booking sector since 2014. Its volume of bookings has accelerated rapidly year-on-year, saving Roomex customers an average 21 per cent against standard hotel rates.

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