Webinar: Reduce & Control Hotel Costs in 2018

Are you getting the best value from hotels? The headline rate that you pay is just part of the equation – though if you are booking at leisure rates, you are already losing out. You also need to consider the time spent surfing the web for the best rates, or dealing directly with hotels. Then comes reclaiming expenses, and reconciling with finance.

Your finance team then has to handle multiple payment methods, invoices that don’t match cost codes, VAT reclaim. And there’s no visibility over spend.

Or perhaps you leave it up to employees to self-serve hotel bookings? In which case, you might be failing in your duty of care and exposing your employees and your company to risks like credit card fraud.

The best way to get the optimal value from the entire process is Roomex. Everything is in one place, you get the best available rates and measured savings, the process is completely under control, and employees no longer have to claim expenses. Live reporting tells you exactly how much you are spending, by any criterion.

And you just pay one invoice at the end of the month for all your company’s hotel accommodation. With 30 days’ free credit!

Stephen Keane.jpgJoin Stephen Keane of Roomex for a live demo where you will learn just how easy it is to manage hotel bookings, payments and administration with your own Roomex platform – integrating your company’s T&E policies, preferred hotels and own negotiated rates.


Date: Thursday, 14th December 2017
Time: 11:30am

The live demo will take just 20 minutes and give you a comprehensive overview of Roomex.

Register now by clicking on the link below. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

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