Roomex announce preferred payment partnership - AirPlus International

Roomex has partnered with global payment provider AirPlus International to enhance its range of payment and credit services available to customers.

Through this partnership, Roomex provides customers in the United Kingdom & Ireland a leading range of payment and credit solutions to support all of their workforce travel spend needs – including corporate cards, lodge cards, virtual credit cards, flexible invoicing, and billing. Customers will also have access to full reporting and spend intelligence through the combination of AirPlus and Roomex Analytics.

With 30 years of success in the travel industry and 48,000 customers, AirPlus is the expert and market leader in business travel payments. Paul Spelman,  AirPlus Managing Director, UK and Ireland commented on the partnership with Roomex:

“AirPlus has been working in partnership with Roomex for the last few years and I am delighted that we have now become a preferred payment partner for Roomex’s clients, providing global centralised travel payments.” 

AirPlus is aligned for this partnership as was named several times as “Best Corporate Payment Provider” in the Business Travel Awards in UK, most recently in the current awards in 2020.

As companies ramp up their business activity post-lockdown, access to the best payment and credit products is vital. This partnership makes a significant contribution here. 

Additionally, Roomex recently launched their spend management product, RoomexPay, providing customers multiple solutions for managing travel expenses. The solution offers pre-paid expense cards and virtual expense cards to travellers, all brought together with accommodation spend in Roomex Analytics.

Roomex CEO, Garry Moroney added on the partnership,

"Roomex continues to innovate in payment and spend analytics and working with one of the industry's most innovative experts is central to our strategy. AirPlus bring a wealth of expertise and a solution that dovetails with the travel spend requirements of Roomex workforce customers."

The partnership will begin on April 1st. 

Benefits of the partnership for Roomex customers

  • Updated credit terms with the potential for more credit and later due dates
  • Industry leading security and fraud protection
  • Fully transparent and centralised payment processing
  • Flexible billing and paperless billing and statement options
  • International coverage - AirPlus is active in 60 countries

Since costs are centrally settled, travellers don’t need to submit travel expense reports for hotels booked via Roomex. It’s an easy and very secure handling for business travellers as well as the companies they work for.

Customers benefit from a line of credit as payment is settled centrally at specific settlement dates. Payments are consolidated into one concise invoice. This enables easy reconciliation and integration into their financial systems, helping them to identify cost-cutting opportunities and optimise expenditure control. Furthermore, payment is settled with industry leading security measures for high fraud protection and data security.

Click here to learn more about AirPlus, and learn more about Roomex by getting in touch with a member of their team here.