Roomex deliver competitive discounts with Exclusive Rates & Saverplus

Creating time and cost savings for our customers is at the core of what we do here at Roomex. We proactively work with hotels and negotiate the best discounts for you.

Due to the volume of bookings that are made through Roomex, we are in a position to secure exclusive rates for our customers, from the most suitable accommodation suppliers that facilitate late services like check-ins and last minute cancellations.

The way we deliver these savings to our customers is simple- when searching for a hotel in our end-to-end platform, they’ll come across hotels marked with ‘Roomex Rate’ and ‘SaverPlus’ alongside hundreds of other options, and company’s own business hotel rates. 

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Platforms are customised with customers own hotel rates, our hotel discounts AND the biggest supply in the world - in one end to end platform that’s customised for workforce travellers.

Most customers then use automated, real-time, Roomex Analytics to get even deeper insights into company hotel spend and uncover additional ways to save.

Learn more about our discounts by getting in touch with our team.