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The partnership will save hours of manual work for Roomex and Fatigue360 customers 

Dublin, Ireland – 13 March 2023 Roomex, the leading provider of workforce hotel booking and management software, announced today a new partnership with Weston Analytics, a provider of solutions and data-driven insights to the rail, construction and infrastructure industry. The partnership will allow customers to import Roomex's hotel booking data into Weston Analytics' flagship fatigue management product, Fatigue360.

Fatigue360 is a cloud-based platform that uses advanced algorithms and techniques to optimise crew schedules, ensuring that working crews have the necessary rest periods to perform at their best.

By importing hotel booking data from Roomex into Fatigue360, Weston Analytics will be able to accurately track workers’ journeys and locations. Accommodation location is a key component of fatigue calculations. Roomex provides a comprehensive hotel booking and management solution for companies, with a database of over 1.2 million hotels worldwide. The integration of Roomex's data into Fatigue360 will allow Weston Analytics’ clients to factor in crew hotel locations and preferences when creating schedules, improving the overall accuracy of the platform and helping to mitigate fatigue

"We are excited to partner with Weston Analytics to save time and money for our customers in the construction, rail and infrastructure industries," said Garry Moroney, CEO of Roomex. "Our hotel booking platform is a natural partner to the best-in-class wellbeing tracking of Fatigue360."

“Our partnership with Roomex and the integration into our end-to-end fatigue risk management and job planning tool, Fatigue360, further enhances our offer to our clients.” said Philip Clifford-Brown, Managing Director of Weston Analytics.   “Our clients can now plan and manage their worksite teams and make more accurate predictions about team availability and preferences, which will enable them to create more efficient and effective team schedules.”


The integration of Roomex data into Fatigue360 is expected to be completed by the end of Q1 2023. For more information about Roomex, visit For more information about Weston Analytics, visit


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Barry Aldworth
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March 16, 2023




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