Roomzzz adapts services to provide safety and comfort during COVID-19

In recent weeks we have watched the world as we knew it change, due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotels have had to adapt to these changes with many of them remaining open to support our Key Workers during this time of need. 

We also started offering a relief package for Key Workers travelling during this time, hand in hand with our hotel partners. 

We spoke to one of these partners, Katie Garrahy, from Roomzzz Aparthotels, stylish suites and serviced apartments offering a personal touch, about the measures they have taken to keep Key Workers safe while they are staying in their properties.  

Hygiene and preventing the spread of COVID-19 have become so important. Is it beneficial to have self-service rooms during these times? 

Katie Garrahy: 'All apartments have fully fitted kitchen facilities with a fridge, freezer etc. This allows Key Workers staying with us to still continue to cook for themselves. We facilitate food and supermarket deliveries meaning less risk and contact for residents within the hotels.'

Are you still offering food at this time?

KG: 'We are still offering our grab and go continental breakfast, which includes freshly baked pastries, fresh fruit, porridge and yoghurts. However, in order to ensure strict levels of hygiene, this is now being bagged in our back kitchen areas with employees wearing full PPE. Each item is wrapped individually and then bagged in an outer paper bag, this limits contact that people have had with the items and ensures that guests can take breakfast back to their apartments to enjoy.'

How has COVID-19 impacted the way in which you work day-to-day?

KG: 'Our front desk teams are adhering to strict social distancing levels with heightened levels of hygiene and sanitation in place. All of our employees have conducted training specifically for infection control and increased levels of sanitation in all high traffic areas have been implemented.'

Has your check-in process changed to avoid contact?

KG: 'Our check-in process is as contact-free as possible and we provide hand sanitiser for all guests entering the hotel.'

What if residents begin to show symptoms?

KG: 'For any residents who may be showing symptoms of COVID-19, we have a strict self-isolation policy which is given to all guests on arrival and strictly adhered to.'

Are your amenities closed due to the outbreak?

KG: 'We have closed down our gyms, communal spaces and coffee machines in order to ensure that we are following strict social distancing guidelines, however, we have made a provision that guests are still able to get complimentary tea and coffee 24 hours a day which they can take to their room to make and enjoy.'

Learn more about Roomzzz Aparthotels and what they are doing to ensure guest safety here. 

Roomex is assisting companies with their project needs worldwide, whether it is supporting key workers with their long term stays in hotels or apartments, please reach out to us and see how we can help you.