There’s a problem with business travel – and Roomex can help [VIDEO]

There’s a problem with business travel: it’s more complicated, costly and time consuming than it needs to be.

Yet global business travel spend continues to rise thanks to a 7.1 percent year-over-year growth rate, according to the Global Business Travel Association. With companies showing no sign of slowing down on workforce travel, don’t you think it’s time they make things a little easier on themselves?

We do too. That’s why we created Roomex, to make business travel easier for yourself and everyone else involved.


The problems with business travel

Despite the fact that companies need to shuttle dozens or hundreds of employees around the country and the world, many of them still treat booking like personal travel. But these people aren’t being sent to the hottest beach or their favourite city, so why use websites and services that you’d use on your holidays?

Business travel requires a tactical mindset: Is the hotel room within budget? Does it offer any in-stay allowance? Are there extra amenities that’ll be useful to my team, like parking, breakfast or group bookings?

Now consider these questions on a much larger scale. You need to book 60 nights this month in four different cities, with employees arriving at odd hours and requiring different benefits like late check-in or check-out.

Are you feeling the stress creep in yet?

Learn how to get rid of business travel stress by getting started with Roomex today.

Using personal travel websites leaves you comparing offers from aggregators with the hotel’s direct sites and those corporate rates you almost forgot you even had. By the time you’re done clicking in and out of tabs and creating a spreadsheet just to compare the prices, you’ve gotten to the most important part of it all.

How do you pay for it?

You could use a company card, which requires expert-level receipt tracking to keep the books in order. Or you could use each person’s individual card, in which case you or the financial team will have to reconcile hundreds of receipts at the end of the month and payments into several different bank accounts.

Last but not least, don’t forget that your job isn’t done once you book the rooms. Business travel is an around the clock job and you’re responsible for making sure everyone has their room information, is accounted for and has zero difficulties in the whole process; otherwise known as duty of care.

Now, you could let everyone handle it themselves but you know how much of a headache that can be to clean up after from a record-keeping point of view. Would you hire a travel management company to manage it all for you? That’s more costly than the headache.

Roomex: solving your business travel problems

Luckily there’s an easier way to book business travel and it has nothing to do with personal travel websites. Roomex was made for businesses like yours who want to book business travel with no stress, headaches or frustration attached.

Roomex is a free, self-service business hotel booking platform that allows you to:

  • Search for the best and most affordable rooms from over 1.2 million hotels by the amenities you need.
  • Compare the rates and features of each accommodation in one view.
  • Pay for every room on credit, meaning employees don’t have to take out their card and you only have one invoice to file at the end of each month.
  • Manage every employee’s room at a single glance, locating where they are to fulfil duty of care.

By compiling the best rates at each hotel, Roomex users save up to 21 percent on their bookings. That’s not counting the time they get back by cutting the hotel comparison process down to just a couple of minutes.

With Roomex, everything is on account. That means you get just one bill at the end of each month – which matches your cost codes. Don’t forget to wave a heartfelt goodbye to your credit cards and receipts.

With all the business travel booking running through one platform, you’re also able to gain detailed insights into your company’s travel spend habits through a robust reporting solution. See how much you’ve saved and how much you would’ve spent at a glance without all the codes and formulas needed on a spreadsheet.

Using a hotel booking platform also means that compliance is easier to manage. Each hotel room is only able to be booked if it passes the spending and location thresholds, allowing businesses to set allowances and price caps for their workforces. Run into a bit of trouble? A team of hotel experts are waiting in the wing ready to assist you.

It’s time to make business travel easier by switching to Roomex today.

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