Eden Plaza Kensington Hotel London 68-69 Queens Gate, South Kensington, London, United Kingdom

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Our Customer stayed here in July 2008

First impression of the Reception area was poor - carpet looked like could do with a hoovering. Receptionist checked us in without delay and gave us keys indicating the floor. The lift was ok but had a malfunction during our stay. Luckily we werent in it. When the lift doors opened, first thing that we saw was wallpaper that needed updating. The paintwork on the doors was white in its day but was now dull and needed a wash of perhaps some detergent like Sugar Soap. On entering our bedroom which was very tiny, it too looked dated and delapidated. The wardrobe stuck in an alcove in the corner behind the shelf that housed the t.v. was out of the way and therefore didnt encourage us to unpack. Our room 206 hadnt been hoovered adequately as there were crumbs under the bed. The bath hadnt been cleaned as there was scum, hair and stains on it. Without cleaning products I was forced to put a small amount of shampoo in it and clean it before entering. The tiles round the toilet hadnt been finished, and the toilet didnt flush all the time, the handle was loose and was a case of a hit and a miss if it connected when we needed to flush. The wash hand basin also needed to be cleaned and again I used the trusted shampoo and cloth. The hairdryers didnt appear safe to use as it was held together with electrical tape. We were given two bath towels on arrival but no more were provided for our stay from Sunday to Tuesday. The location of the T.V is very unsafe in room 206 as if one had to bend and pick something up it was quite possible to hit the corner of the head/eye with corner shelf. Hence one of the two towels had to be placed there to safeguard ourselves. Tea and coffee making facilities were provided but once they were gone along with the powder milk, they were not replaced. Perhaps we had to ask. However, we stay in quite a number of hotels, and always find the ladies that make up the rooms and tidy round tend to replace all items without being asked. The beds were clean and comfortable in some cases, though our friends in room 209 had a bed with a protruding spring. The other bed was comfortable. The breakfast room was clean and pleasant and the food supplied acceptable and plenty of it. The staff were very helpful and always were ready to supply anything we required. At time of check out we werent advised there was a left luggage office, and only we saw other patrons dropping off their luggage we would have been none the wiser and perhaps would not have been able to enjoy the remainder of our day of departure in London due to the fact that we may have had our luggage with us. We thoroughly enjoyed London and the location of the hotel was ideal though without a complete revamp, decorating and cleaning, my friends and I will not be rushing back.

Rating: 3/5
3 out of 5