Expense policy template from roomex

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A clear expense policy is one major piece in the expense management process. Businesses can benefit from savings both in time and money from a modern expense management process, with the expense policy at the foundation.


It can seem daunting, but developing a policy has many benefits like improving employee productivity, preventing fraud, streamlining accounting practices, and increasing overall business efficiencies. 


We know there's a lot to consider once you actually start writing, so we developed a comprehensive template you can download and personalise to your business and its unique needs. 

This complete expense policy template includes:

  1. Your company's expectations on policy compliance
  2. Your company's stance on fraud, bribery, and corruption
  3. Various expenses that can and cannot be claimed (Overnight accommodation, spend allowances, meal allowances, entertainment, mileage, use of taxi and car services, train travel, air travel, general expenses)
  4. Exclusions 
  5. Overview of our expense management platform, RoomexPay (for use of you're a customer, if not, can be omitted.) 


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