Flemings Mayfair Hotel London 7-12 Half Moon Street, London, W1j 7bh, United Kingdom

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Our Customer stayed here in September 2012

Well trained, polite and friendly staff went a long way to making my stay enjoyable when perhaps the truly tiny proportions of the room and a mediocre breakfast could have made it less so. A well appointed room as you would expect but very small nonetheless. Breakfast was somewhat disappointing. There are two breakfast tariffs which was not made clear, I had to ask later, mine was evidently the buffet, I was not offered the option to upgrade, but was directed to the buffet which is on the scant side. While all around me tucked into a cooked breakfast I to-d and fro-d for my cereal and fresh fruit etc. I enquired about a cooked breakfast and was told that I could have boiled eggs or scrambled eggs or porridge within my tariff. I chose scrambled eggs and was very disappointed to receive eggs that had evidently been sitting around in a hot plate for some considerable time so they were sliced and diced solidified eggs rather than cooked fresh to order. Aside from this the position is great, the staff are good but I do wonder if it warrants such a high rack rate.

Rating: 3/5
3 out of 5
Our Customer stayed here in April 2012

Thanks for the service at my recent stay. The room was perfect, the service was excellent and the breakfast was a proper continental one...all very good.

Rating: 4/5
4 out of 5