Generator Hostel London 37 Tavistock Place, Russell Square, London Wc1h 9se, United Kingdom, London

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Our Customer stayed here in July 2012

I booked a private room from a comfort and safety point of view. I was on foot and found place very difficult to find. Booking confirmation gave address of Crompton Place, London with no postcode so it was very difficult asking for directions. Eventually with help of taxi driver found it up narrow dark lane. I met with security guard and to get in I had to pass a lot of men hanging around the steps outside. Receptionist seemed to be in a bit of doubt about my booking but then gave me key card for private room. When I got into room there were 2 sets of bunk beds with not enough space to get between them with a fairly small rucksack on my back. I arrived at hostel at 1am even though I was in central London from 11.30pm that was how difficult it was to find! I was very close to it all along but nobody heard of it. I found the place unpleasant and a bit scary. Bed roughly made (duvet folded in half with pillow but no undersheet to cover mattress) so I slept in clothes on bed because I felt I wanted to get out a quickly as I could in the morning. Also bunk so tight couldn't sit up without hitting my head. I wouldn't recommend this place. I expected a small and basic but comfortable room for price paid.

Rating: 1/5
1 out of 5