Travelodge Hotel Derry 22-24 Strand Road, Derry, Bt48 7ab, United Kingdom

Also known as: Derry Travelodge Hotel
6/10.0 Based on 3 reviews.

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Our Customer stayed here in March 2015

Really dated & run down not what I thought travelodge would put their name to. Sink was cracked windows didn't open and had grills on the outside. Stairwell had vomit stains over the carpet Which looked to have been there for a while. No cooked breakfast available. The only plus side was the beds were comfortable, staff were nice & the location was handy.

Rating: 2/5
2 out of 5
Our Customer stayed here in January 2010

This hotel was sub standard. I have stayed at Travelodge's in the USA and they were not a bare-boned as this one; no pictures on the walls, a TV that didn't work properly, doors difficult to unlock, telephone that didn't even have the room number on it,and no one at the reception desk for checkout. This does not give a good impression of the city of Derry.

Rating: 2/5
2 out of 5
Our Customer stayed here in October 2009

I really enjoy my stay - when i checked in the receptionist was dealing with a rather angry client who proceed to try and 'get me on board' to join forces with her - She advised me to get out as quick as possible as it was a dump I proceeded to tell her I had stayed previously at this hotel and found it as pleasant experience. The girl deal with her professionally and then proceed to check us in with no problems. I would have no hesitation to revisit Derry and stay again at this travelodge

Rating: 4/5
4 out of 5