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72% of PA's are stressed & overworked


A stressed PA = an unproductive workplace

It's no secret that stress is directly linked to causing greater health issues. But, it's also now clear that stress created from work also impacts the health of your business.

In this guide, learn the importance of wellness at work, and how stress on your employees and personal assistants in particular is directly correlated with stress on the businesses bottom line.

This guide starts by diagnosing the problem - covering the reasons workplaces have become more stressful, to how the body reacts to stressful situations, to the solution, how to implement (with examples) an employee wellness programme.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why Technological Innovation is a Double-Edged Sword 
  • If Your Personal Assistant is Stressed, Your Entire Workforce Will Suffer
  • What Causes Stress Among Personal Assistants + How to Combat The Major Drivers
  • Wellness Programmes Defined + Examples of Successful Ones

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