Why Switch?

If you are not using Roomex but your company does have a significant global hotel spend, then it is likely that you fall into one (or a combination) of three categories - you are using a Corporate Travel Agent, you book on various online hotel booking websites or you deal directly with hotels. In each of these scenarios Roomex can show you how there is a better way to do things.

Why switch to Roomex from...

Corporate Travel Agents

  • We don't charge fees
  • We have more choice
  • We get better rates
  • We allow all payment options including On Account
  • We give you a self-booking tool, so book or cancel anytime 24/7
  • We give you live reporting
  • We measure savings on every booking
  • We bring your cost codes into the booking process
  • We don't tie you to a contract

Random Travel Websites

  • We connect to all the main ‘known’ websites already – no surfing needed
  • We are corporate specialists
  • We have better rates - not available on public websites
  • We give you a company account / reporting and payment terms
  • We have late cancellation on business hotels
  • We give one view of all bookings

Booking Directly with Hotels

  • We incorporate your current deals onto the portal
  • We give automated confirmations - not email / phone
  • We have options when hotels sell out
  • We have alternative hotels at better prices
  • We give you one invoice not multiple, i.e. one credit line
  • We use our data to negotiate better deals for you

And of course, there's No Cost, No Contract, No Fees!

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