Winter Garden Hotel Bergamo Airport Via Padergnone 24050, Grassobbio, Bergamo, Italy

6/10.0 Based on 6 reviews.

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Our Customer stayed here in May 2017

Breakfast, no available shuttle transfer from the airport at midnight to hotel, nowhere written this..

Rating: 4/5
4 out of 5
Our Customer stayed here in February 2014

Overall a very nice hotel. Only minor thing is the shuttle bus. It doesn't drive between 12-15 and after 22.00. A taxi to the airport costs you about 20 Euro's. Keep this in mind when booking the hotel.

Rating: 3/5
3 out of 5
Our Customer stayed here in July 2013

The problems with this reservation were as follows: 1. Because of the good pre-paid rate Roomex give the hotel puts people at this rate into rooms for handicapped people. Therefore the bathrooms are very unsatisfactory and quite unsafe. It would be easy for a person, even without handicap, to slip on the floor as there is no curtain shower and the water from the shoewr spreads all over tha floor. We probably could have insisted on another room but it was too late as we had already used the shower due to the intense heat. Both rooms we booked were for handicapped persons. 2. The shutle service is very unsatisfactory as it can only accommodate 4 people and it has to be booked in advance prior to arrival at the airport. Also it was almost impossible to secure a booking to go to the airport in the morning and a lot of people had to take taxis which were 15 euro for only a few kms.

Rating: 2/5
2 out of 5
Our Customer stayed here in July 2013

I would sleep on the side of the street rather than go back to that hotel. I arrived after Midnight and checked in No problem. I was then directed through a rest area, open a door into a Bedroom corridor. At the end of this corridor there was a couple of more doors but no sign to direct me to my Room. While the receptionist did say I had to go outside of the building the door I thought was the correct onr appeared to be an emergency one, so I was worried that if I went out I may not get back in again if it was the wrong door. Eventually I found my room. I needed to get the receptionist to my room to understand the lighting system ( not switches but a control panel) and the adjustment of the air conditioning values. In actual fact the receptionist could not adjust the airconditioning in the room and undertook to adjust it at the reception On a complimintary note the shower exceeded all expectations. The breakfast was of a good standard.

Rating: 1/5
1 out of 5
Our Customer stayed here in June 2013

Rooms were lovely, clean, comfortable and modern,staff were also very pleasant

Rating: 4/5
4 out of 5
Our Customer stayed here in February 2013

Hotel was lovely and had the biggest bed and shower I have ever seen! The food was good too an the airport shuttle was very convenient as the taxi is a €20 fixed price to the airport which is only five minutes away!

Rating: 5/5
5 out of 5