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Expense management is a cornerstone of efficient business operations, particularly in the realm of corporate travel. Yet, the traditional methods of managing travel expenses have far-reaching implications on the physical and mental health of employees, as well as the financial health of organisations. This traditional process has become burdensome for both employees and employers, leading to inefficiencies, financial strain, and reduced well-being. In response to these challenges, a transformative solution has emerged: travel allowances.

This eBook provides a fresh look at some previously unconsidered impacts of traditional expense management and presents the modern solution!

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No matter where your workforce needs to be, we make business travel easier for you. Features include:

  • One portal to book, manage and take care of your team.
  • Easy analytics and reporting dashboards.
  • Single invoice across your entire organisation.
  • Save up to 12% on your annual workforce hotel spend.
  • The best selection of hotels with 2 million hotels and filters for work travel needs. 

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