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For every hotel search you make, we instantly search our global suppliers and direct contracts - we search for the best price so you don't have to. This can lead to discounts of up to 50%. And even better, Repeat Customers get additional discounts as well as access to 'non-public' rates.

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Thousands of Happy Customers !

We've already looked after almost half a million people with over 250,000 bookings for hotels all over the world. Our customers keep coming back to us, the more they book, the more they save. Here's what they are saying :

"Great value again from Roomex. I attended a conference with pre-arranged pricing however, by booking early I secured a much better rate through Roomex."

Mary from Clifden, 2012

"The staff at Roomex are the best, always helpful and professional - not too sure how we would manage without them."

David from Sussex, 2012

We also work with over 300 Business Clients, dealing with small, medium and large companies equally. We have a separate 'Roomex.com for Business' offering to manage your company's hotel bookings and we also offer discounts to staff for their own personal use. Some of the bigger names include...

Roomex.com promises to give you


We already search more than 100,000 hotels and growing - we plan to reach 150,000 by the end of 2012 !

Lower Rates

We search instantly through many global suppliers to bring you back the best price - and we're always adding new suppliers !

Fantastic Customer Service

If you have any queries in relation to your bookings, we respond immediately, online or over the phone !

Repeat Customer Discounts

To thank you for your loyalty, you get reductions off all future bookings, we also have regular Repeat Customer Only Sales


We ask you for your feedback after every booking, good or bad! We have thousands of reviews from REAL customers !

Easy Booking Flow

We're always told how easy it is to book on Roomex.com, easy search by favourite location or by specific hotel name !

Free Expert Advice

Note sure what to book, just ask our team, that's what we're here for, we'll help you to find exactly what you're looking for !

10% Deposit Option

Some of the best rates should be booked early, you can secure these rates by just paying 10% now and the rest later !


You've no need to fear, your booking is processed through a vetted, secure, encypted process - we don't store your card details

Prizes and Fun

We give monthly prizes for the best hotel reviews and we're always giving away spot prizes on Facebook... Join In !

We're getting recognition !

We're an ambitious company, based in Dublin, Ireland, and we're delighted that people are starting to talk about us and spread the word !

Jack Donaghy, our CEO, getting advice from George Hook in Newstalk, February 2012 !

We've been featured and covered in quite a few newspapers and on radio. We've also been nominated for several awards, the best of which was our 3rd place finish in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards, ranking the fastest growing companies in Ireland !