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Got a question about Roomex? Check out our FAQs below to find your answer.



What could Roomex do for my organisation?

Roomex is a hotel booking platform for your workforce. It provides organisations like yours with a fast, simple, secure and free online business hotel booking, management and payment solution to:

  • Find and book the right hotels, in the right locations, at the right price.
  • Understand your business hotel costs and usage, in real-time.
  • Improve control of, and compliance to your corporate travel policies.
  • Measure ongoing savings (up to 12% by utilising Roomex Exclusive Rates and alternative accommodation types).
  • Manage payment for all your workforce hotel needs through a single monthly invoice.
  • Eliminate the need for traveller expense claims and receipts tracking when it comes to business hotel needs.

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Can I book any hotel in the world through Roomex?
Roomex offers the best choice of business hotels of any hotel-booking platform on the market. We have access to over 2 million hotels and hotel chains around the world, including millions of hotel rooms not available on leisure hotel booking sites.

Hotel supply is a core value for Roomex. Our team is always working to add new hotels to our portfolio, including many hotel chains not available on any other site. If for some reason you can’t find the hotel you need on Roomex, our Priority customer service team is there to help.
How much does it cost to use Roomex for all my business hotel booking?
Roomex is free to use for businesses. There are no set-ups costs, and no charges to book most hotels. There are some charges to book selected hotels, where Roomex has sourced a discounted rate. Once your company is registered, you and your colleagues can use Roomex for all your company’s hotel booking, management, and payment needs. 
Who is using Roomex today?
  • Actavo
  • Allianz
  • BHSL
  • cartrawler
  • Central Bank of Ireland
  • Certification Europe
  • Combilift
  • Compass Group
  • Dairygold
  • Ding
  • Dornan
  • IRFU
  • Kirby
  • Keenan
  • Kemp
  • Kepak
  • KN Group
  • Kuehne + Nagel
  • Laya Healthcare
  • Mercury
  • Musgrave
  • Quantcast
  • TLI Group
  • Topaz
How long does it take to set up Roomex?

New clients can be up and running on Roomex within 24 hours.

How much does Roomex cost?

Roomex is free. And no, you don’t need to enter payment details to sign up.

What do I need to get my company set up on Roomex?

We try to make it as easy as possible to onboard new clients, so they can start benefiting from using the system immediately.

If your company wants to take advantage of the facility to pay by monthly invoice, we will need to perform a standard credit check, or set up an alternative payment method.

Once that’s complete, it’s simply a matter of registering a login email and password, providing us with your company logo and sharing some details to enable portal customisation. This could include:

  • A list of preferred hotels, so we can make sure the system adds them to your search results.
  • Most frequently used locations, if applicable, to optimise hotel searches.
  • Cost centres and cost codes for projects, purchase orders, geographies, suppliers or divisions to enable invoices and reports to be itemised correctly.
  • Any additional platform users including bookers, travellers, finance personnel, human resources and travel managers.
  • Existing negotiated rates with individual hotels and chains, so the system can apply them to your bookings.
My company currently uses a Corporate Travel Agent for our workforce hotel booking needs. Why would I switch to Roomex?

Roomex makes everything really simple. It provides organisations like yours with a fast, simple, and free online business hotel booking, management and payment solution. Compared to corporate travel agents or travel management companies:

  • We don't charge fees.
  • We have a better hotel choice.
  • We get better rates so you save money.
  • We allow all payment options including on account.
  • We give you a self-booking tool, so book or cancel anytime 24/7.
  • We give you live reporting.
  • We measure savings on every booking.
  • We bring your cost codes into the booking process.
  • We don't tie you to a contract.
My company currently uses a number of different online hotel booking websites for our workforce hotel booking needs. Why would I switch to Roomex?

Most existing hotel booking sites are designed to cater for the leisure market and don’t provide the level of service, visibility and reporting needed by business. It can be difficult, and time consuming to find the right hotels, in the right location at the right price – so we give you access to everything in one place.

  • We connect to all the main public websites already in a single portal – no surfing needed.
  • We are corporate specialists.
  • We have better rates that aren’t available on public websites.
  • We give you a company account/reporting and payment terms.
  • We have late cancellation on business hotels.
  • We give one view of all bookings.
  • We provide live visibility and reporting.
My company currently deals directly with hotels for our workforce hotel booking needs. Why would I switch to Roomex?

Roomex has all the advantages of working directly with hotels, but with many added advantages including much wider choice.

  • We incorporate your current deals on to the portal.
  • We give automated confirmations – no need to email or phone the property.
  • We have options when hotels sell out.
  • We have alternative hotels at better prices.
  • We give you one invoice not multiple, i.e. one credit line.
  • We use our data to negotiate better deals for you.
What is included in your compliance tool?

The Compliance Centre is the first to roll out in our new Roomex Reporting. Here's what's new: 

  1. More intuitive columns within the tool:
    1. Check-in, date booked, city, booker, traveler, the reason for out of policy, spend for out of policy bookings, the amount spent over the policy and the actual policy per person per night
  2. Date selector 
  3. Customise reports by adding and removing columns
  4. Apply filters to each column in the report

Learn more about the compliance tool, and our whole suite of reports by reaching out here.

What is RoomexPay?

The smart, end to end workforce spend management solution. Our prepaid card eliminates expense management and gives you full visibility and control of all in-trip spend.

How do I get started with Roomex Pay?

First, reach out to our team here. Once you've demoed the product, and are interested, we'll send on the cards and work with you to assign them. Then, you'll simply,

  • Top up the company wallet and add optional spend categories and policies
  • Assign, allocate funds and distribute cards to selected employees 

That’s it- Tap to pay

Finance / Procurement

How can Roomex help me streamline and consolidate all my company’s workforce hotel payments?

Roomex consolidates all your company’s hotel booking expenses in a single monthly payment. You receive a single invoice matching internal cost codes and you get a month’s free credit. This means you no longer need to waste time reconciling multiple payments with company credit cards, expenses and hotel invoices.

What are the different payment methods available on Roomex?

Most of our corporate clients choose to pay Roomex based on one consolidated monthly bill, with a single line of credit, covering all their Roomex business hotel bookings.

Once you have established a line of credit with us, any hotel room booked on the site is prepaid by Roomex, and included in your monthly invoice.

We can also accommodate other billing and payment options, such as credit card – Diners Club or Airplus, for example. Regardless of payment method, you will still have full visibility of your company’s business hotel costs, and receive a monthly, itemised account of all your bookings and expenditure.

Can I easily apply different cost codes to hotel rooms booked through Roomex?
Yes, in your customised Roomex portal, it is simple for us to set up your company cost codes for projects, purchase orders, geographies, suppliers or divisions, etc. Your itemised Roomex invoice will provide a clear breakdown, based on the cost codes, supporting speedy account reconciliation, and delivering complete visibility of all workforce hotel costs and savings.
Can I use existing corporate rates, negotiated by my company, and still book, manage and pay for the hotels with Roomex?

Yes, you can. Many of our clients have negotiated preferential corporate rates with their favourite hotel chains. These rates are loaded into the Roomex system on set-up, and are available to book on the Roomex portal.

Importantly, with Roomex these clients can also take advantage of better market rates when they are available. And our reporting capability means you can quickly analyse when and where you are getting the best hotel rates, providing insight for future negotiations with hotels.

How can I guarantee that I get the best business hotel rates for my organisation’s workforce?

With so many hotel booking engines out there (many of which aren’t intended for businesses), finding the best rates can be confusing.

Roomex searches many sources to get you the best available rate. Our pricing includes direct from hotels, online booking engines, and many other sources such as hotel room wholesalers.

Moreover, Roomex checks what you ultimately pay against the hotel’s own rate for the night in question, to let you know exactly how much you have saved by using Roomex.

Will my company save money by using Roomex to manage and pay for our business hotel bookings?

Based on the savings analysis we conduct for our valued customers, we saved up to 12% versus their previous booking behaviour by offering exclusive rates, travel policy guidance and other savings intiatives. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best rates at nearly 2 million hotels worldwide.

We can book your hotels based on your own negotiated rates, or search multiple sources to find even better prices for your company. Our sources include:

  • Our own directly negotiated contracts with hotels.
  • Online Travel Agents (OTAs), including well-known sites such as, Expedia and
  • Global corporate hotel specialists and wholesalers.
  • Hotel chains all over the world such as Hilton, and Premier Inn – some of which are not available on any other online booking site.

We price-check every single booking, comparing the rate you paid on Roomex to the hotel’s own rate. This means we measure exactly how much you save on each booking, and provide live benchmarking against your negotiated rates.

How can I find out exactly how much my business spends on hotel rooms, and workforce accommodation each month?

With Roomex you have full real-time visibility over spend by any criterion you care to mention: cost centre, department, project, geography, supplier, average cost per hotel night and much more.

We know that senior management needs to have full visibility and control over spend. We love data and we bring it right to the surface for you in our dashboard of easy to consume reports. All this information, including spend, savings and performance against negotiated rates, is available in live reports, which can also be broken down by hotel, division, cost centre, etc.  

We have all the data, so no matter which way you would like to consume it, we can provide it.

  • Full visibility on spend.
  • Live benchmarking.
  • Reports by any metric.
  • Cost code reporting.


How does Roomex work?

Roomex is the simple, effective and free hotel booking platform for business. It’s essential software for any business with a travelling workforce.

Roomex allows any business access to a simple, secure platform, which opens up the hotel booking process to all employees, and delivers live reporting, significant cost savings and single billing.

With over 98% self-fulfillment, Roomex automates and simplifies the hotel booking process for your business.

Will using Roomex help me save time and better manage the hotel booking and management process in my company?

Roomex helps save time for nearly everyone in your business when it comes to managing hotel bookings, including:

  • The person who is responsible for finding and booking hotels.
  • The business travelers themselves.
  • Procurement personnel responsible for negotiating with hotels.
  • Finance teams, who no longer need to reconcile multiple hotel expense claims from employees.

Roomex provides a single, customised, secure booking platform, which dramatically simplifies and speeds up the process of finding and booking the right hotels for your business. You won’t need to spend any more time negotiating different rates with different hotels; we look after all of that. Payments don’t have to be reconciled from company credit cards, expenses or hotel invoices – you only ever have one Roomex bill, already broken down by cost code!

That all adds up to a lot of time you can get back with the Roomex time saving advantage:

  • Faster more effective searching in a single portal.
  • Easier and speedier booking.
  • Easy cancelation on your customised site.
  • Hassle-free payment options, one invoice.
  • Instant reconciliation with cost codes.
If I book a hotel for myself, or someone else in my organisation through Roomex, will I or the traveller need to pay with a credit card at the property?

No. Most of our corporate clients receive one monthly bill, with a single line of credit, for all their Roomex business hotel bookings. Others prefer to pay by credit card, such as Diners Club or Airplus, at the time of booking.

This means the hotel accommodation is pre-paid, either by Roomex or by credit card. There is no need for the traveller to pay for his or her accommodation at the location. Moreover, because Roomex handles payment and invoicing, we cut out the need for employee hotel expense claims – eliminating a major administrative headache for you and your company.

Do I need to use a Corporate Travel Management company to handle my business hotel booking needs?

In recent years we have seen significant disruption in the business travel sector. Travel management companies used to be charge high fees for questionable service, but now there are many more options.

Roomex focuses on making it easier, more efficient, and cost effective for businesses of any size to manage their own hotel booking.

With Roomex, you and your company benefit from greater access to the world’s hotels, a streamlined  booking process, clarity on every aspect of your hotel booking process, and a positive impact on the business, both financially and culturally.

Why is using Roomex better than using leisure hotel booking platforms such as

Roomex offers business users so much more than hotel booking sites aimed at the leisure traveler.

Firstly, our clients have access to many more hotel rooms, set aside for the business traveler, that are not available on other sites.

In addition, there are all the other advantages of having your single, secure Roomex portal for all your hotel booking, management and payment. With Roomex you get:

  • Access to the right hotels, in the right locations for your business.
  • Visibility and reporting that shows all your business hotel costs and usage, in real-time.
  • Improved control of, and compliance to, your corporate travel policies.
  • The ability to measure ongoing savings (up to 12%, by utilising Exclusive Roomex Rates and alternative accommodation types).
  • A single monthly invoice and payment for all your company’s hotel needs.
  • Elimination of the need for traveller expense claims, and receipts tracking.
  • Clear visibility of where staff members are staying when on the road for company business.

Travel Manager / HR

What’s the best way to keep track of which hotels our staff are staying in when they are on the road for business?

In case of emergency, Roomex provides a special report that enables authorised personnel to quickly find out where staff members are staying around the world. Who's in Paris, London, New York, or Cape Town?

Once a staff member books into a hotel on your Roomex portal, the system records where they are staying and how to contact them. Staff hotel locations can be instantly displayed on the Duty of Care interactive map, so you can pinpoint anyone, at any location in the world, in seconds.

We have a corporate travel policy, how can Roomex help me improve compliance with the policy today?
With Roomex, it is easy to implement travel policy and spending limits within the booking portal. The portal uses pre-configured rules to make it easier for bookers and travelers to comply with your policy, especially in relation to spend limits, preferred hotels etc.
What sort of reports can I expect to get from Roomex?

We know that Senior Management need to have full visibility and control over spend. We love data and we bring it right to the surface for you, in easy to consume dashboard reports.

All information, including spend, savings and performance against negotiated rates, is stored under our live reports which can also be broken down by hotel, division, cost centre, etc. We have all the data, so no matter which way you would like to consume it, we provide it. Again, your Account Manager will liaise with you to ensure you have the data you need, and how you need it.

  • Full visibility on spend
  • Live benchmarking
  • Reports by any metric
  • Cost code reporting


How do I log into my Roomex Account?
Go to your company’s dedicated Roomex portal – usually – and login with your username (email address), and password. Contact Roomex Priority Support if you need further assistance.
How do you book a hotel on Roomex?

Finding and booking the right hotel will be straightforward for anyone familiar with leisure hotel booking platforms.

You can search by typing a location, or hotel name, into the search box, and selecting check-in and check-out dates. Roomex is integrated with Google Maps, which enables very granular location-based searching. You are able to search by city or town but also by street name, landmark, train station or even postcode.

Results can be filtered by star ratings, distance, price, and by meal type such as bed and breakfast, or even rates that include dinner. To speed up the process, you can also find your most used hotels and locations in the “Recently Booked Hotels” section.

Once you have found the right hotel at the right price, select the room type option and rate for the stay, enter the guest details and financial reporting codes if applicable, tick the appropriate payment option, and select Make Booking.

The booking is complete, and the details stored in your Roomex portal under My Account/Bookings. New bookings are also added to your easily accessible Recently Booked list.

Can you change/cancel the reservation after booking it?

If the hotel’s terms and conditions allow for cancellation or amendment, there are two simple ways to change or cancel your booking with Roomex.

  1. Go to My Account/Bookings, locate the booking, and from the Action tab click cancel or amend. Then follow the instructions.
  2. In your hotel voucher email, there is a “To Cancel” link. Click the link and follow the instructions.

Remember to always check cancellation terms before you book, and before you cancel or amend a booking.

How do I organise a group booking?

You can usually book up to eight rooms in most hotels directly through the Roomex platform. If your group booking is for more than eight people, please contact our priority support team who will be happy to help organise your booking.

Can I book a trip for someone who is not registered on Roomex?

Yes, Roomex enables authorised personnel to book hotels for any member of your company workforce, contactors, suppliers, or customers as appropriate. Just remember to include the traveller’s email address when filling in their booking details, to ensure Roomex sends them a confirmation email.

I ran into a problem using Roomex, how do I contact you?

You can contact our Support Team via email or phone. Support is available from Monday – Friday from 8:30 am GMT – 6 pm GMT


+353 1 2966275

+44 20 7183 7737


What reports can I get from Roomex?

Roomex provides a wide selection of standard reports in its reporting dashboard for system administrators. These include commonly used reports such as the hotel report, user report and passenger report. Other frequently used reports include the charge code and cost centre reports, as well as spend, savings and analysis of performance against negotiated rates.

Because your Roomex instance has all the booking, usage and cost data about your workforce hotel stays, we can create bespoke reports to analyse performance against specific organisation goals, cost centres, divisions, customers or projects.

As you build up your company bookings, the reports function will really come into its own, adding value in terms of validating savings, and providing analysis to help you to gain control over all your workforce hotel bookings.

Where can I find my reports?

Administrators can access the Reports dashboard in their Roomex portal by clicking on My Account in the top right corner of any screen, and selecting Reports from the drop down menu.

Can I export the report to excel?
Yes, any of your reports can be exported to Excel (CSV), or PDF, or can be printed directly from your Roomex portal. Click on the Export button to select your preferred option.
How can Roomex help me with my Duty of Care obligations?

All employers must do whatever is reasonably practicable to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their employees. For employers with a mobile workforce achieving this has additional challenges, not least of which is knowing where your employees are located on any given day.

Through our easy to use Duty of Care interactive map, you can pinpoint all travelling staff, at any location in the world in seconds.

How do I update our company’s reporting fields, such as adding amending cost centre codes?

Contact our priority team at, and they will help you to make changes as needed.


How do I add new users to our Roomex account?

Some of our clients have a ‘self sign-up’ option, which is accessed directly from a link on your portal home page. Click on the link to register a new user.

Customers who don’t have the self sign-up option should contact our Priority team at

What should I do if I can’t find a preferred hotel, or location in the portal?
Just contact our priority team at and we will include it in your portal.
Can I integrate our company travel policy into our Roomex Portal?
Yes, we can include rules relating to spend limits and locations in your Roomex instance.