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Our Sustainability Commitment

As a society, the way we work is changing. While remote employees around the globe are signing-in from coffee shops and kitchen tables, our customers are the workforce that is often based on the road, not in an office. They build roads, construct powerlines and feed cities, carrying out project-based work that cannot be done from behind a desk. Roomex helps find them their home away from home – with no hiccups or hassle.

While these hotel stays are mission critical for business, at Roomex, we want to play our part and help our customers make sustainable travel choices that protect the planet. Carbon emissions from the transportation industry accelerate the rate of climate change, negatively affecting the health of our planet. We’re committed to helping reduce the carbon impact of the collective Roomex community to achieve carbon neutral workforce travel.

Plant a Tree

For every 100 hotel bookings made on the Roomex platform, we plant 1 tree with OneTreePlanted, an official partner of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Trees are vital to our planet’s health, cleaning our air, filtering our water and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, ultimately reducing the effects of climate change.

So far, we’ve planted enough trees to cover 5 acres of land!

You can find out more about the OneTreePlanted initiative here.


Our Office Initiatives

In the Roomex office we take every step we can to operate sustainably. This includes using compostable products and having five different recycling bins. We also assist our employees' efforts to become more sustainable by supporting environmentally friendly schemes like the Bike to Work and Taxsaver schemes, encouraging employees to cycle and use public transportation where possible.

Always Learning

At Roomex we don't see sustainability as something we can 'complete'. Instead it is an ongoing process of adaptation and improvement. We are always looking for ways that we can advance our sustainability initiatives, this includes listening to our employees' feedback and conducting industry standard surveys and analysis on our existing activities to ensure that we are doing all we can.

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