eville and jones

Eville & Jones gains visibility into and control over their travel programme with Roomex

“We love Roomex because it brings our entire travel programme together. We’ve gained complete visibility and control into our travel habits while eliminating the need for our employees to have to pay out of their own pocket." - Duncan Garfield, Chief Operating Officer Read more


Suir Engineering

Suir Engineering creates transparency across the business with bookings attached to project cost codes

"Roomex is a quick, no-nonsense service which allows me to book rooms globally at the touch of a button. It gives me information on all available hotels in any given area and offers great value for money." - Margaret O'Neill

lush cosmetics banner

Lush gets access to the lowest rates, often lower than their negotiated rates with Roomex

"I get dozens of booking requests from my colleagues every day. With Roomex, I’m quickly able to pinpoint the best rate in the closest proximity to the store" - Amanda Taylor, Head of Travel 

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KN Group uses Roomex to consolidate all travel information and easily generate reports

"Roomex provides great visibility over hotel spend through its reporting functionality - it is a goldmine of information." - Richard Fitzpatrick, Group
Procurement Manager Read more


Over 500 Musgrave employees have booked accommodation through Roomex over the last 8 years

"Roomex saves us money and time, gives us live reporting, manages our contracting and provides top-level support" - Financial Controller Michael Kelleher Read more 

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