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Provide easy-to-use expense management for your team with RoomexPay

Give your staff the flexibility to spend on the road

Gain visibility and take control of all company spend. Each card has customisable limits and can be monitored and reported on in real-time with our analytics.


Manage and view all expenses in one place, in real-time

No paperwork, false claims, or manual errors, saving your finance team time and money. Control the entire expense process and reduce risk by eliminating the possibility of bogus claims and project overspend.

Simplify payment and expenses for employees

Securely and simply pay with the RoomexPay card or app and take a picture of the receipt to instantly claim the expense, so your team never have to sift through receipts at the end of a trip or wait for expenses to be reimbursed.


Keep employees happy by never leaving them out of pocket

With instant notifications to the main office, they have the ability to request top-ups while on the road or freeze their card should a problem arise.

Trusted by over 2000 businesses worldwide

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