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Events meeting management is an exciting field, especially now that travel has bounced back. Many clients say that you can’t move without a team member suggesting company events - whether it’s a get-together, offsite meeting or a general spot of events travel -  and we are all for it. At Roomex, we believe that meetings and projects are often best done in person, but we also know that events meeting management can be challenging, with hundreds of different requirements and all the admin to boot.

How do you make the hard decisions on where to spend and where to splurge? At Roomex. we want your meetings and events travel management to run without a hitch. That's why we caught up with the experts in our Projects & Meetings team to ask them for their advice on where to save and splurge when it comes to company events and events travel.

Splurge on: The Location

Running company events is often more about location than you would think. Spending more on a prime position is often better in the long run, whether you have a crew in accommodation for a long project or a team in a city for one night.

By getting somewhere close to the venue or the middle of town, you make considerable savings on things like taxis and transfers, and also have peace of mind about employees who choose to walk around the location or who use public transport.

There are additional benefits too, such as meeting other business goals, networking, or attending relevant events without needing to leave the events space for another hotel.

If you purely consider cost alone, you could be missing out on some other benefits of general events travel - so speak to your teams about what they need.


Splurge on: The Tech

It’s 2023 so we know that there isn’t anyone in meetings and events travel management who doesn’t consider the tech - but what that looks like is changing and doesn't just mean a digital whiteboard and decent Wi-Fi!

In a recent study, travellers said that they valued a frictionless experience. In “The 2023 Traveler: Emerging Trends that are Innovating the Travel Experience,” self-service options that offer greater choice – convenience and control – while maintaining the human touch of personalized service all ranked highly.

Whether that’s a digital key, on-screen welcome messages, EV chargers, or VR capabilities - there are lots to consider when it comes to events, projects, meetings, and hotel stays.

Events meeting management is now all about identifying what features travellers need and ensuring that you can find the places that meet all your requirements.


Splurge on: Safety and Sustainability

As a travel manager, it's important to consider all your other requirements and ensure that there is business buy-in for these features. It's essential to check if a hotel is working with digital fire safety records or what their carbon offsetting policy is. While travellers are likely to appreciate the small details of free breakfast and flexible checkouts, it's still important to consider all your other requirements and ensure that there is business buy-in for these features. The upside? You can showcase how hard you work.


Save on: Smaller Regular Meetings

Smaller brainstorming meetings don’t require too many frills and can blend remote and hybrid workers and physical teams using technology. There may be meetings that aren’t proving successful. Keep on top of your teams to stay ahead of what could be trimmed or cut back.


Save on: The Must-Have Date

By asking the right questions, you can see if there is some ability to be a little flexible. If you can be flexible on dates, then you will be able to negotiate with venues and unlock lower rates.


Save on: Treats

Take a look at how everything is being used. Is everything being maximised? If there’s a better use of your spend, then at least you have the facts to present your case.


Save on: All Sorts (Just by Asking!)

Our Projects & Meetings team love getting discounts where we can, so if you ask, you may be surprised at the results.

Conclusion: Managing events travel can be challenging, but by focusing on these expert tips, you can save on some things and splurge on others to make your events travel management run without a hitch.

Elaine Keep
Post by Elaine Keep
May 12, 2023




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