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How to choose a business hotel in London

London is a hive of business activity, and many global organisations centre their European operations from the City. It’s an essential hub that business travelers visit for a variety of reasons; from meetings with clients and colleagues, to an incredibly broad variety of conferences and exhibitions, to training and development programmes.

Only New York City outranked London in terms of the volume of business travelers they received in 2018, so naturally there are a huge number of business hotels in London to choose from. 

Here are some factors to take into account when you book business hotels in London:


London is quite a sprawling city. Look at the location of your hotel on a map compared with the location of your meetings - it might not seem like far, but a small distance can take quite a bit of time to cover in London’s rush hour traffic. If you have multiple appointments at different locations across London, it’s wise to stay somewhere central and well connected.


The tube is the best way of getting around London - but ideally you don’t want to have to change lines three times to get where you’re going. When you’re choosing a business hotel in London, it’s crucial to bear transport options in mind. Google Maps is a useful planning tool, because it offers real-time traffic updates, and advice on how long it will take to get from one place to another by foot, public transport or car. 


For most organisations, budget is an important consideration for business travel, and it’s especially crucial when you’re choosing a business hotel in London.  There are so many options available, from no-frills to five-star, depending on your level of seniority and your requirements.

Check your corporate travel policy to find out what the budget is for the type of trip you’re taking.

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What kind of amenities are important to you when you’re choosing a business hotel in London? If you’re planning host to clients, a classy restaurant and a cocktail bar might be on your list of must-haves, whereas if your hotel is simply a place to lay your head between meetings, this won’t matter so much. If fitness is important to you, you might prefer a hotel with a gym or swimming pool.


There’s a good chance you’ll be spending time at your hotel in between jobs getting some work done. A fast, reliable WiFi connection is absolutely crucial. London has among the best hotel WiFi speeds in the world, so you should be safe - but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure the hotel you choose has fast, free WiFi so you can work unencumbered.


One of the easiest and best ways to figure out if a business hotel in London has everything you need is to check the reviews from people who have stayed there on business. Reading what travelers who have similar needs to yours had to say gives you great insight into whether a hotel is right for you. See what the most common compliments and complaints they get are, and decide what’s most important to you accordingly.

Business travel can be busy and stressful. A well chosen hotel can make your life a lot easier, and give you an oasis of calm amid your attempts to make a big sale or negotiate a new deal. Choosing the right business hotel in London and other big cities can be challenging, we hope these tips help.

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Leave us a comment and let us know how you make decisions on where to stay when you’re travelling on business.

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