Roomex Analytics brings visibility and control into workforce travel spend

How much do you spend on workforce travel every year? The truth is most businesses don’t know the answer, and that's why we created Roomex Analytics. Company travel spend often slips away from accounting and finance teams into a grey area that’s difficult to project and analyse. 

The reason for this confusion is that workforce travel spend is nearly impossible to control. Travel managers are working across multiple booking tools, teams, budgets, travel policies, and excel sheets trying to keep the ship afloat.

Simultaneously, they are searching for the best rates, comparing multiple sites and negotiated business rates, and looking for rooms with meals included and the option to park while trying to stay within policy.

Since most companies book travel in a sporadic and disorganised way - they too report on it in a sporadic and disorganised way. Leading us back to the first sentence, how much do you spend on workforce travel every year? Can that spend be broken down by cost code, policy, city, hotel, booker, or traveler? 

Roomex is built for workforce travel

Our platform is designed for the last-minute plan change, the office manager booking travel for dozens of live projects, the traveler checking in late after being on-site all day looking for secure parking and a hot meal, and the finance manager looking to gain visibility into travel spend, booking habits, and create overall business efficiencies.

Introducing Roomex Analytics

Roomex Analytics helps you make cost-saving decisions, backed by data. Gain visibility into, and control of, the key cost drivers behind your workforce travel spend through real-time data on policy compliance and overall spend distribution.

Never again will you have all of your booking data scattered throughout multiple platforms and across multiple teams. Roomex Analytics is easy to use, and simple to gain insights from. Every company does travel differently.

We built Roomex Analytics to be as customisable as you like- down to adding in your company travel policies and any cost or reporting codes you currently use to break down travel spend.

Start using Roomex Analytics by getting in touch with our team of workforce travel experts, or login to your Roomex platform here if you're already a customer.

We offer best in class analytics to visualise your complete workforce travel spend. Roomex Analytics is broken down into 4 main parts, The Dashboard, Compliance Centre, Trip Hub, and Custom Reports. Let’s go through each of these sections.

The Dashboard

This is the central hub of your workforce travel spend. In seconds, you’re able to find out total hotel spend, savings, total nights booked, and policy compliance metrics based on any specified date range.

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From the dashboard, you’re able to find out answers to questions like:

  • Who is booking most out of policy?
  • How much did I spend in Q1 vs Q2?
  • How much have I saved this year with Roomex?

Compliance Centre

If you have a company travel policy - the Compliance Centre will change the way your policies are managed and monitored. Our platform is personalised to each company, so your travel policies are displayed right in the search results when looking for a hotel.

The benefit to adding travel policies directly into Roomex is that bookers immediately know if the hotel they are looking at is in policy, and travel managers or finance teams can see at a glance who is booking most often out of policy and where. This detailed report shows how much your travel policies match reality.

Compliance Centre blog image

From the Compliance Centre, you’re able to find out answers to questions like:

  • How much was overspent on each out of policy booking beside the corresponding policy?
    For example, 'I spent £180 on a booking, the policy was £150, therefore I overspent by £30'
  • Isolate what is important when investigating a non-compliant booking  
    For example, 'A booker is constantly making non-compliant bookings, so add the traveler column to the report to find out if she's constant;y booking for the CEO, then the extra spend was warranted'

Trip Hub

With our Trip Hub, you get a full, detailed, and personalised view of all reservations, booker, and traveler activities. This section of the platform is a break down of activities surrounding trips. 

The Trip Hub brings together all bookings, providing insights into bookers, travelers, hotels, spend and savings. Uncover booker and traveler information from average room cost to total spend, and customise results by applying filters and specific date ranges.

Refine your workforce travel programme by discovering cities and hotel chains saving you the most, and where you can improve.

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From the Trip Hub you're able to find out answers to questions like:

  • What is the average cost per room?
  • How much am I spending in London?
  • What hotel is costing me the most?

Custom Reports

Every company breaks down its spend differently. So, why conform to reports that come preloaded in Roomex? Add reports that you’re already using right into your Roomex platform, like bookings broken down by cost codes, the reason for travel, or department. 

From Custom Reports you're able to find out answers like: 

  • What department is spending the most on hotels?
  • What is the number one reason for workforce travel at my company? 

Managing workforce travel spend shouldn’t be complicated. Our goal is to take out all the confusion and disorder out of the process so you’re able to gain full visibility and control - allowing you to run a more efficient business while saving you time and money. 

Get started with Roomex Analytics today, by reaching out to our team of workforce travel experts.

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