Staycity implement strong safety measures across apartments for guests

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced nearly every industry to adapt their business to meet new needs. The travel industry in particular has undergone extreme changes to better serve their customers - Key Workers that are travelling to keep our citizens safe and economies running. 

We're proud to be partnering with Staycity Aprarthotels, one of Europe's largest independent aparthotel operators, on our Key Worker Support Package, and wanted to share a bit more about the detailed and stringent safeguarding measures they have implemented to keep Key Workers safe. 

Reception is often one of the busiest parts of the hotel. How has Staycity been ensuring both staff and guest safety?

Reason for stay information is being collected at the point of booking or point of arrival in order to prevent none-essential workers utilising the aparthotels. 

In addition, team members on reception have been reduced to minimal numbers and sneeze screens have been introduced to reduce contamination risk between guests and team members and critical contact points such as check-in, receiving parcels, needing advice etc. Social distancing markings have been placed on floors in the reception area and guests are encouraged to follow the government guidelines. Hand sanitiser is also available in the reception area.

Guests are encouraged through signage, welcome letter/ email and verbally not to use the lifts with other guests other than those from the same family.

Lift call buttons and other common contact surfaces are regularly sanitised throughout the day and guests are not allowed to use common areas to congregate.

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How is Staycity ensuring safe and clean rooms and apartments for guests?

Prior to cleaning rooms they will have been empty for at least 72 hours. This is because current information suggests that the virus cannot survive for 72 hours on hard surfaces and for 24 hours for soft surfaces. After 72 hours the rooms will be cleaned using sanitiser known to kill the Covid-19 virus on all hard surfaces. All linen will be replaced as normal.

For long stay guests and to reduce cross contamination the in-stay cleaning service is not available and instead a cleaning pack including change of towels, linen, toilet roll etc will be placed outside the room every 7 days. The guest is asked to place their dirty linen in a double bin bag and leave it outside the apartment. Additional items such as vacuum cleaners can be arranged to facilitate the guests own cleaning regime.

Door handles, lift buttons and banisters in public areas will be sanitised on a frequent basis but this is not meant to replace guests own hygiene processes suggested by the government i.e. regular hand washing.

Where a maintenance issue occurs in a room that is occupied the guest will be asked to leave the apartment to enable the maintenance person to attend. The area worked on will be sanitised and the employee will wear PPE throughout. Only emergency maintenance issues will be attended to in an apartment occupied by a guest.

Are meals still available and are guests allowed to avail of the gym at this time?

All buffet breakfast services and dinner services have been stopped. Take away remains available but is limited to coffees and tea, bottles, snacks, pizzas etc. All are served in single use packaging or receptacles.

All loose seating in Food and Beverage areas have been removed to prevent congregation of guests.

The gym is closed to prevent cross contamination and to meet social distancing guidelines.

What is the business doing to stay up to date with updated recommendations from the government and the World Health Organization? 

A committee of Senior Managers including the Chief Operating Officer, Group Health and Safety Officer as well as External Consultants conduct and review the COVID-19 Risk Assessments on an ongoing basis as new knowledge emerges.

The committee reviews advice and guideline from, but not exclusively, NHS Groups, World Health Organisation, Public Health England and Health Trusts and applies the principles to the aparthotel environment and to the mitigation of risk to both guests and team members. 

All team members are encouraged to follow a regular hand-washing or hand sanitisation regime and also to wear appropriate PPE for the task they are attending to. They are advised to follow all social distancing guidelines and to follow the guidelines in line with our Risk Assessments.

Learn more about Staycity Aparthotels and what they are doing to ensure guest safety here. 

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