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The best loyalty schemes for business travel

When you travel so often you have a pre-packed suitcase, know where the train pulls up and know the hotel room which is the quietest, you know you’re a frequent business traveller.

For anyone who travels more than once a month for work, this will be an all-too familiar scene. But, there’s also some perks that come with being a frequent business traveller; namely loyalty points.

To ensure you’re making the most of your business travel, it’s worth signing up to some of the big loyalty schemes, to reap the rewards. But first, do check your corporate travel guide to see if there’s preferred suppliers or booking agents or systems you may need to use. 

Fuel Up with Petrol

If you’re a frequent business traveller commuting by car, it certainly pays to be part of a loyalty club.

Shell recently revised their loyalty scheme, now offering discounts on certain food and drinks, in return for frequent visits.

Some other companies allow you to earn points towards larger loyalty club schemes. For instance, Esso offer points towards you Nectar card, while Tesco petrol offers 1 clubcard point for every £2 spent. These can be used in their supermarkets, or can be transferred into Avios points.

Flying High

Air miles are some of the most sought-after loyalty points for frequent business travellers.

When flying domestically or internationally, be sure to join the airline’s club to enjoy the benefits. 

British Airways Executive Club offers Avios points in return for flights and some hotel and car bookings made with the airline. There’s also extra rewards for going up the tier ranking, encouraging return flights and business bookings. Avios points can be redeemed against the cost of flights, offering sizeable savings. As an example, you can expect to earn 0.25 Avois per miles flown. However, be prepared to start saving now, as you’ll need 8,000 points to redeem a flight from London to Paris or Amsterdam. Alternatively, you can redeem your balance as a discount against a future flight.

Easyjet is currently overhauling its ‘Flight Club’ loyalty scheme which works on an invite-only basis. There’s also a paid-for membership that entitles you to certain perks, such as free seat selection.

Earn as you Eat

Visit any city in the UK and you’ll be bombarded with a host of dining options. Knowing where to go is half the challenge, therefore having a preferred café or restaurant can help you cut to the chase.

For a quick stop and recharge, Greggs ticks all the right boxes. Download their loyalty app and enjoy free coffees and birthday treats. Similarly, the Costa Coffee Club allows you to acquire points to redeem against drinks. Starbucks has a slightly different system, using their app to pre-load money on their card, gaining points for each transaction. And we all know what points make…

If you’re partial to barbecue-style chicken, Nandos reward club is one to join. With over 340 outlets across the country, you’ll likely find them on any business trip.

Super Supermarkets

If you’re staying in private accommodation such as Airbnb, and frequently use supermarkets to stock up, it’s worth joining the local supermarket loyalty scheme to reap the benefits.

Some of the biggest include Sainsbury’s Nectar card, where points can be redeemed in store or across a number of partners including Argos and Vue Cinemas. While Morrisons More allows you to collect points in-store and online. Roughly speaking both supermarkets offer points to the value of 0.5% of your shop. As earlier touched on, Tesco offers a similar points system, although its slightly more generous offering 1% points to the value of your spend.

With the Co-Op, you can earn rewards and get cash back on certain products. It starts with a £1 membership, but covers their portfolio of brands.

The Perks of Train Travel

There’s various frequent business traveller reward programmes for train travel. While there are too many to mention, some of the best include LNER, which offers you 2 Nectar points for every £1 spent.

Another enticing scheme for those travelling by Virgin Rail is the Virgin Red scheme offering perks and treats. However, if you’re a first-class customer, you may be invited to its Traveller programme, offering selected free weekend travel and priority parking amongst other benefits.

Hotel Loyalty

The three ‘c’s should be considered when booking a hotel, these are; comfort, cost and convenience. After which, it’s a happy bonus if you can collect loyalty points too. There’s hundreds of global hotels offering loyalty perks. The Radisson, Hilton, Accor and Marriott chains are some of the better-known amongst them.

With over 1,100 hotels across the world, Radisson Hotels are found in most major cities. Their reward programme ranges from Club to Platinum status, with associated advantages for each. These include food and beverage discounts, discounted room rates and even free breakfast.

With 14 hotels in London alone, the Hilton Honors Club is designed with frequent business travellers in mind. From discounted rooms, to free WiFi and the ability to pick your own room, there’s numerous reasons to be in their club.

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