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Take control of your carbon footprint with Carbon Reporting from Roomex

Roomex provides customers with the ability to track and report on the carbon emissions generated from their accommodation bookings.


Build a Greener Travel Policy today

Roomex’s new carbon reporting enables customers to track and report on the carbon emissions generated by their accommodation bookings made on the Roomex platform.

Make Informed Decisions

By offering data on the environmental impact of accommodation bookings, Roomex enables your team to make more sustainable choices for your travel needs. 


Simplify Compliance

Roomex simplifies the process of gathering necessary data for compliance with the Carbon Sustainability Reporting Directive and other environmental reporting standards, reducing the administrative burden on your team.


Demonstrate Commitment

Roomex helps your business demonstrate your commitment to reducing your environmental impact, further aligning your company with broader corporate sustainability goals. 

How to get started


Book accommodation with Roomex


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Receive a monthly
carbon report


Review to inform
travel policy


Reduce carbon

Relied on by hundreds of leading companies in the UK and Ireland

As we grew we needed an accommodation provider with the facilities to support us, so we switched to Roomex who have supported us brilliantly along the way.
Anna Craig
WHP Telecoms
Roomex has been a great partner to us by providing an easy to use, scalable, and reliable platform that really helps us to better manage our travel expenses.

Roomex offers everything we require to travel both domestically and internationally. They provide a smart, professional, and efficient platform whilst still tailoring their service to our individual needs.

Steven Mapplebeck

Roomex have provided us with a very simple to use platform that meets our needs for our operatives, and has significantly reduced the end-to-end processing time... For us, [Roomex is] highly recommended.

Human Resources

Frequently asked questions

How does carbon reporting work?

Great news! Roomex’s new carbon reporting feature makes its easier than ever to track your business’s carbon footprint. Once you enable the feature, Roomex will automatically calculate your estimated carbon emissions based on your travel and expense data.

You’ll get personalised reports showing your carbon impact over time so you can make better decisions to reduce emissions. It’s really that simple!

Why should I care about my company’s carbon footprint?

Reducing carbon emissions is crucial to fighting climate change and building a sustainable future for our planet. By understanding your carbon footprint, you can make meaningful changes to decrease your impact. Your customers and employees will also appreciate your environmental responsibility.




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