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Manage Enterprise Travel smarter, free of charge

Roomex enables large and enterprise customers to manage their domestic travel needs through one consolidated platform, without onerous travel management company fees.


Tailored for your Travellers

Roomex is the top choice for handling domestic travel for employees. Designed for the workforce traveller, your personalised booking platform offers a unique set of features and benefits tailored to the needs of both your organisation and your travellers.

Roomex has been designed to cater to employees who need to travel frequently for work. The platform is user-friendly and assists with the booking and managing of travel for workforce industries. With reservation checks and best-in-class local support, Roomex ensures your employees can travel with ease.

The Widest Range of Accommodation

Roomex offers the largest variety of workforce accommodation for employees worldwide, with more than 2 million properties available. From low cost self-catering apartments to workforce suitable hotels, Roomex has you covered no matter what you need.  Many of these accommodations feature workforce focused amenities such as secure parking and flexible check-in options. Additionally, many of these properties have on-site restaurants that cater to the needs of travelling employees.


Why our customers love us

Experience hassle-free room booking and efficient spend management, all in one place.


Over 2 
million properties


local support


Control the entire 
expense process


No travel 
management fees

ProductSuite-min US

Streamlined Travel Management for Enterprise Customers

When comparing typical travel management companies to Roomex, Roomex offers a specialised service in large-scale domestic employee travel. For businesses seeking a platform that caters specifically to the logistical and budgetary needs of large-scale domestic employee travel, Roomex is the best solution.

Designed specifically to support the needs of companies with a large, travelling, domestic workforce, the Roomex platform provides companies with key features like flexible payment options, detailed reporting and insights, and duty of care support via the workforce tracker.

One Monthly Invoice

Roomex provides organisations with a centralised billing solution in the form of a monthly invoice for all of their hotel bookings, streamlining expense management and reducing administrative work for travel managers and finance alike.

Roomex allows you to upload and manage your company travel policies on your personalised platform, keeping your travel policies and expenses in the one place for an efficient expense process.


Frequently asked questions
about enterprise travel

How much does Roomex cost?

Roomex enterprise travel solutions are very budget-friendly. We charge a small transaction fee for each completed booking, with no hidden fees or markups. Our transparent pricing means you'll know exactly how much you're paying for each trip.

Can we customise our solution?

Absolutely. Roomex enterprise travel solutions are highly customisable to meet your company's unique needs. We can customise many parts of the platform to fit your needs, such as travel policies and reporting. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to build solutions that aligns with your requirements.

Roomex offers a complete solution for enterprise companies with employees who travel frequently. The platform makes booking travel and managing expenses easier for companies with a dispersed workforce.




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