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Roomex, the leading corporate hotel booking service, today announced a major service upgrade which will lead to vastly improved booking speeds. “One minute bookings are now very much the reality” says Jack Donaghy, CEO at Roomex. “For many months, our corporate clients have been able to save their most frequently visited locations, key hotels, contact information and even company cost codes as part of their booking process. 

The one element that required repeated inputting was credit card information for payment. Now that this can be saved for regular use the whole booking process can be comfortably achieved in less than 60 seconds” he continued. “The majority of our clients are on monthly billing, whereby we issue one itemised monthly bill for all hotel spend but some clients prefer to pay by credit card and this closes that loop” concluded Donaghy.

Product innovation has been key to Roomex becoming the most unique and fastest growing online corporate travel tool in the market. Roomex works with over 300 global companies to better manage their corporate hotel booking process. Clients include, Central Bank of Ireland, Musgrave Group, Dairygold, Sisk Group and Laya Healthcare. Cost savings have averaged 21% in the last 12 months, with total savings in 2014 topping €1.8m.

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Dylan McMahon
Post by Dylan McMahon
November 17, 2015




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