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Roomex is Ireland’s fastest growing corporate hotel booking agency. Its online Roomex for Business platform now manages hotel bookings for over 100 Irish Businesses and Organisations, including Dairygold, Kepak, Musgrave Group, Sisk Group, Topaz and many more.

Jack Donaghy, CEO of Roomex, “Our clients are much happier managing their hotel bookings through our online self-booking tool. Not only are they saving on fees and availing of corporate discounts, but they can also easily access all of their own negotiated rates as well as other online rates, all on the one platform. The fact that they have one credit line and their own cost-code integration in the booking process is a massive time-saver. Furthermore, senior management have full control, live visibility and all necessary management information. Our clients are saving significantly on time and money, hence the massive uptake in the last 18 months.”

Asked about the next step, Donaghy continues “This has been an incredible year with literally hundreds of Ireland’s biggest and best companies now booking their hotels for business through our platform. We have 98% online adoption and an incredible support team there to help our clients at all times. Our aim is to continue to deliver the best possible product and service to the Irish market and simultaneously move into other markets.”

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Jack Donaghy
Post by Jack Donaghy
April 15, 2015




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