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When you book hotels for business, do you find yourself jumping through these hoops...

Do you...

  • Visit the hotel’s website or pick up the phone to dial through to reservations?
  • Pass on credit card details through email or over the phone?
  • Fill up online forms, printing off reservations or emailing them to colleagues?
  • Open various packages of Microsoft Office to record and update the prices, dates, details, departmental codes and all the other fields.
  • Cross referencing travel policy docs to make sure everything is above board and under expense limits.
  • End up in Excel ‘Hell’ pulling together printouts to present to management. 

Or do you just log on to and let them do it all for you?


KN Group are an example of a company who revolutionised their hotel booking process through Roomex. Being leading providers to the Telecommunications, Transport Infrastructure and Power sectors in Ireland, the UK and internationally, they have large groups of engineers and staff on the road all the time, covering projects lasting several days to weeks.

But their hotel booking processes were simply too admin-heavy, expensive and time consuming.  

It became clear to the procurement managers at KN Group that Excel spreadsheets simply weren’t going to cut it anymore.

 The time and costs spent in hotel booking (and the reporting) all came into view as challenges, while duty of care also emerged as a concern to its HR department who wanted to know the whereabouts of all their employees at any given point in time.


Roomex to the rescue

KN Group have engaged Roomex to address these issues and provide a modern and efficient solution for their corporate hotel booking needs . You can read more about how they managed to optimise all their hotel booking processes using Roomex platform in the case study here. 

Since moving to Roomex, Excel spreadsheets are now firmly the reserve of the finance and accounts department for KN Group - one place you definitely won’t find them is tracking hotel costs.


“We tried other systems but when it comes to booking and managing hotel accommodation Roomex did deliver. We have been very happy with the platform over the past four years. The biggest advantage for KN Group is that it saves our procurement team a huge amount of time in the booking process: each booking with Roomex takes a minute or less; without Roomex this would take ten or 15 minutes. We have our own corporate negotiated rates with some hotels and these are loaded into Roomex, which makes it very convenient, and we are confident that Roomex will get us the best rates elsewhere. It’s a one-stop shop for getting the best deals.”

- Richard Fitzpatrick, Group Procurement Manager, KN Group, Dublin


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Case Study
Dylan McMahon
Post by Dylan McMahon
November 2, 2018




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