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Irish Business travel is increasing rapidly, as illustrated by new figures released today by the Dublin based Corporate Online Hotel Booking Agency, Roomex.

Jack Donaghy, CEO of Roomex, says “Corporate Travel is up by almost a third and travellers are reaching far beyond the traditional UK and European destinations, with significantly more travel to North and South America, Africa and The Middle East”.

Having said that the majority of corporate travel remains within Ireland and the UK where some very interesting trends in hotel rates appearing:

  • Dublin City corporate hotel rates up by 26% year on year
  • Dublin Airport corporate rates up by 17% year on year
  • Dublin West corporate rates up by less than 5% and on average 49% lower than Dublin City Outside Dublin
  • Cork, Limerick, Galway, rates up by less than 5% and on average 28% lower than Dublin UK
  • London most popular City outside of Ireland for Irish Corporates, rates up 15%... Avoid staying SUN-WED if you can in London to save on average 33%!

Irish Corporates saved on average 23% in 2014 by booking through the Roomex for Business platform. Roomex is an Irish owned corporate hotel booking agency, managing hotel bookings for over 100 Irish Businesses and Organisations, including Dairygold, Kepak, Musgrave Group, Sisk Group, Topaz and many more.

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Jack Donaghy
Post by Jack Donaghy
January 20, 2015




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