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In retail, it’s all about the store, its people, and its products. LUSH Cosmetics has been known over the last 25 years as the leader in handmade cosmetics - famous for its innovative products and interactive stores. In the U.K. alone, they operate 106 shops. Since the business requires constant travel both in the U.K. and around the world - they turn to Amanda Taylor to manage hundreds of accommodations a month.


Problem to Solve 

As the head of travel, Amanda is responsible for making all the bookings for the U.K. team both at home and abroad. LUSH Cosmetic’s strict guidelines and room price caps made booking business travel accommodations feel like she was solving a never-ending Rubix Cube.

Here are some of the main issues that were making this process exhausting:

  1. Booking a lot of once-off hotel rooms and constantly feeling disorganized
  2. Making deals with hotel chains to get discounted rates, but struggling to keep them in order
  3. Finding hotels within their budget in close proximity to stores
  4. Spending time searching between hotel booking sites trying to accommodate so many variables (WiFi, breakfast, and people)
  5. Difficulty juggling hundreds of booking confirmations, payments, and reimbursements

These issues created a never-ending cycle. When Amanda could find the right location, the price would be off. Or, she’d spend time getting a view of who was where, what negotiated rates were made, and if the hotel was prepaid.


Amanda needed one place where she could manage LUSH’s high volume of bookings that integrated her negotiated booking rates and offered external hotel rooms at discounted prices. 

Roomex was the solution to Amanda’s booking dilemma

  1. Kept her on budget and saved money: Roomex provided the all in one platform that combined the rates she negotiated with various hotel chains while offering even better prices from their 35+ bed banks
  2. Gave clarity to where everyone was staying: On any given night, she could confirm who was staying where, and know Roomex called on her behalf to confirm the hotel. check-in time, and any other modifications
  3. All bookings on one invoice: She was able to save time during the booking process by not entering credit card details for each booking, and rather received one invoice at the end of the month, decreasing chances of manual error - while saving time

Before, it was difficult to manage the travel needs of a growing global team. Now, she's able to quickly browse, book, and manage the hotel accommodations in one place with Roomex.

Are you looking to streamline your company's business hotel bookings? Get in touch with one of our experts today to learn how Roomex can help. 

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Hannah Harrington
Post by Hannah Harrington
May 10, 2019
Hannah focuses on all things product and content marketing for Roomex. When she's not writing, find this Dublin transplant uncovering all that Ireland has to offer.




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