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One of the biggest benefits of using Roomex for Business is that we provide instant visibility on total hotel spend... and savings ! This allows senior management to analyse spend based on any cost centre they wish, typically by department or project.

We access the best rates in corporate travel through our own direct contracting but also by incorporating the world’s biggest hotel systems into our company portals. We recognise that securing the best rate is a key reason for using Roomex and therefore have developed our own instant price-checking technology which compares the price of every reservation made through Roomex against the Best Available Rate at the hotel booked. This ensures that our clients are getting the best rates, that the savings data in our clients’ reports is accurate and it consistently emphasises the value of the Roomex service.

2015 has once again shown the incredible value that we bring to Roomex Clients - €1,766,630 worth of value on cost savings alone ! That is over €1.7m extra that our 400 business clients in Ireland and the UK would have spent on hotels had they not booked through Roomex. When added to the time savings, live reporting, booking control and Duty of Care, the true worth of the service becomes apparent.

Throughout 2016 we will continue to add services which will improve the experience for our valued customers and keep pushing savings higher and higher.

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Jack Donaghy
Post by Jack Donaghy
January 11, 2016




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